NBA Christmas Day: Oklahoma City Thunder Crush Knicks, Teach Us Nothing New

By Cody Williams
Kevin Durant Christmas
Brad Penner – USA Today Sports Images

The Oklahoma City Thunder came out on Christmas Day and absolutely dominated the New York Knicks. The second game on the marquee slate of NBA games, the contest was never really in question as the Thunder jumped out to a lead and just kept building upon it until the final buzzer sounded with the score at 123-94 in favor of the Thunder.

With a blowout happening on Christmas, you’d like to be able to say that at least we learned something from watching this game. You’d like to be able to say that we found out something about either of the two teams that we didn’t know in the 27 or 28 games prior to this one. That’s not really the case, though.

What we found out about the Knicks is that they are a terrible defensive team and that their offense is in absolute shambles when Carmelo Anthony isn’t in the lineup. Perhaps I’m rushing to judgment, but that seems like two pretty obvious things that anyone with general knowledge of the league this year could have told you without this game.

On the Thunder side of things, it was clear in this game that Kevin Durant is really good at scoring the basketball, that Russell Westbrook is evolving into a playmaker all over the floor, that Reggie Jackson and Jeremy Lamb are giving OKC great run off of the bench and that Kendrick Perkins is often laughably ineffective. These are all things that we knew.

Coming away from this game, it feels like we are pretty much in the same place with these two teams as we were before their matchup. The Knicks are struggling and need Anthony to be anywhere close to successful and the Thunder are one of the NBA’s best that will capitalize on poor opposing defenses. We really didn’t need a 29-point game on Christmas to tell us that.

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