NBA Holiday Match-Ups Looked More Compelling Before The Teams Actually Took The Court

By christopherbrown
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When the 2013 NBA schedule was released there were two predictions confirmed — the season remains an 82-game marathon of tall guys that don’t run so well, and adult basketball junkies would abruptly wake up the young ones on Christmas Day and rush them through an over caffeinated version of their holiday family ritual while the kids will be struggling to comprehend half-hearted “ho, ho, hos” and dodging wrapped rapid fire boxes with a bow made out to whomever is sharp enough stay clear of the line of fire.

Only this time the match-ups that were released last summer featured highly anticipated national syndicated bagging rights. The Brooklyn Nets‘ play is reminiscent of a 40-and-over league in Yonkers, New York. Yet, they face a depleted Chicago Bulls team without Derrick Rose, who’s done for the season — again. The Nets are an old team with a coach that could possibly be younger than the team he’s putting on the floor.

Next up is the Oklahoma City Thunder who look like the best team in the league this season. One could be confident enough to pick the Thunder out of lineup to win it all with no two-sided mirror. Yet, they travel to “The City”  to petition through their play against New York Knicks that mecca and Knicks should part ways or at least one file a restraining order so the two can’t be mentioned in the same sentence ever again. The Knicks are horrible this season — something I’m sure the league didn’t see coming.

The Miami Heat are traveling the furthest this Christmas from nice weather to great weather. Yet, 3000 miles is quite a trip to play a Los Angeles Laker team that was average until they got their star player on the court and they were downgraded to something short of mediocre. Two weeks into his return, an awkward move and buckling of the knee had team President Jim Buss goggling the NBA lottery and working on a loophole that would allow him to buy as many balls losing should buy to help the Lakers’ draft position.

The Christmas Day nightcap will feature a winning Los Angeles Clippers team against the Golden State Warriors — who are growing impatient because that’s what talented young kids do. It’s been reported that there’s some NBA tension between the two of them, yet it’s unclear why two losing franchises felt compelled to manufacturer a rift now that their on every teams.

Clipper head coach Doc Rivers says “I think this is good for the league,” and he couldn’t be more right. The Clippers and the Warriors were the lead story through the hyperbole leading up to Wednesday night’s main event with two teams wanting to fight to the bitter end. They’re two teams that actually have a chance to save a Christmas lineup of bad games.

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