Terrible End to Third Quarter Seals Fate for Brooklyn Nets on Christmas Day

By Michael Pidgeon
Jason Kidd
Anthony Gruppuso-USA TODAY Sports

Jason Kidd has called the Brooklyn Nets out for getting to used to losing, and after the third quarter of today’s game against the Chicago Bulls I can understand why he would say that.

The Nets had so much hype surrounding them before the season started. The additions of Kidd as head coach and Paul Pierce and Kevin Garnett to an already formidable starting lineup was supposed to be the beginning of greatness for the Nets. Well, that hasn’t happened and likely isn’t going to happen for Brooklyn.

KG is a shell of his former self, and Pierce has been riddled by injuries as of late and is now coming off the bench. However, it may be the latest blow of losing starting center Brook Lopez for the remainder of the season that will hurt the Nets the most.

Deron Williams is considered by many as being overrated, and Joe Johnson is overpaid for how much he produces at this point of his career. The star lineup projected in Brooklyn has fallen flat, and Kidd doesn’t have the head coaching knowledge at this point of his coaching career to keep the team together without free falling in the Eastern Conference standings.

The performance the Nets put on in the second half against the Bulls was almost too pathetic to even watch. It’s not the like Bulls are a star team right now considering they’re playing without Derrick Rose and Luol Deng.

At this point right now I agree with Jason’s comments regarding Brooklyn being used to losing. I didn’t see anything today that would have showed anyone who was watching the nationally televised game that Kidd’s comments were false. The Nets and their organization should be embarrassed after the performance Brooklyn put on today.

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