Can Cleveland Cavaliers' Kyrie Irving Find Much-Needed Consistency?

By kennethbrown
Ken Blaze- USA TODAY Sports

It’s clear to the entire NBA that the Cleveland Cavaliers have a very talented point guard in Kyrie Irving. The Cavaliers organization is entirely built around his presence, and they are a far less threatening opposition without him in their team. But can he find the consistency he so desperately needs or will the Cavaliers need to provide him with further help?

In the Cavaliers’ recent loss to the Atlanta Hawks, Irving was sensational in many aspects of his play but there was also unnecessary complacency in his performance. Kyrie finished with 40 points, nine assists and four steals, but he was also responsible for six of the 24 turnovers his Cavaliers team committed. That is poor for a point guard as talented as him.

Can Kyrie’s inconsistency be blamed? He has a talented core around him and at times they look like the real deal, but at other times they look like a team suffering from a lack of confidence and a lack of ability. Kyrie can change a game within seconds, but sometimes it’s for the worse rather than the game winning potential we know he possesses. His pace, power and playmaking ability should be taking him to the NBA playoffs and not the NBA basement.

The Cavaliers are trying everything within their power to sort their team out, but Kyrie Irving needs  to find a way to play consistently well. The Cavaliers need to provide him with enough help so that he doesn’t have to be on top of his game each and every night. No fingers are being pointed at Kyrie, but he does need to step his game up.

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