Cleveland Cavaliers Aren't The Defensive Force They Hoped to Be

By kennethbrown
Ken Blaze- USA TODAY Sports

When Dan Gilbert brought Mike Brown back to the Cleveland Cavaliers, everyone in the NBA was told time after time that it was his defensive-minded coaching that was needed back in Cleveland. A little over a third of the season has passed, and there have been no real defensive positives as we all expected.

During training camp it was said that the primary focus was defensive drills, but was that a waste of time? The Cavaliers are one of the worst teams in the NBA, and they are unable to dominate opponents at all defensively. Normally every defense has their specialty — one thing they’re capable of stopping — but the Cavaliers have failed to find anything they’re comfortable defending against.

Coach Brown is known for his defense, and if they’re not getting that skill from his coaching then what exactly are the Cavaliers getting from him? When asked about the poor defensive displays he replied, “I’m not sure why, right now, why we’re playing like that defensively.” But he will have to find out why soon, especially if they still have hopes of making the playoffs in 2014.

It was easy to dismiss the Cavaliers’ defensive woes when they were scoring heavily and winning games, but the franchise needs to focus on both ends of the floor and show improvement if they are to reach the high standards set by the whole team. Although the offense and defense have both shown severe problems, it’s the defense that’s most worrisome considering that’s Brown’s specialty.

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