Is Andrew Bynum Hurting The Cleveland Cavaliers?

By kennethbrown
David Richard- USA TODAY Sports

When the Cleveland Cavaliers signed Andrew Bynum, some said it would be a great, risk-free move, but some suggested it was an accident waiting to happen, and that he would struggle to get on the court, let alone have an impact. Bynum has played a lot of minutes for the Cavaliers and has had some superb moments. However, he has had his problems and the Cavs are under-performing, with many pointing the finger at the Cavaliers having to play differently to suit Bynum’s style.

With Bynum’s battered knees, he often struggles to move as quickly as the likes of Kyrie Irving. With pace on the court, you’d expect the Cavaliers to use it, but they’re playing slower when Bynum is on the floor. Bynum has been trusted to make crucial shots during important moments during games, but he has failed to hit open looks, and that’s not acceptable for the center.

When Andrew Bynum was in his prime, he was a scary proposition for opponents to face, but now he appears to be scared of coming up against average NBA players. With the Cavaliers only winning twice on the road, it’s apparent they need to toughen up, and that starts from their gigantic center, Bynum. If he can toughen up, the Cavaliers will reap the rewards; if he can’t, then their struggling season will continue.

There’s been enough talent displayed by Bynum to suggest he can be an important member of the Cavaliers’ organization, but perhaps for now the Cavaliers should focus on using the talents of younger stars like Irving and Dion Waiters.

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