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What the New Hornets Logo Means to the City of Charlotte

Sam Sharpe-USA TODAY Sports

NBA fans all knew it was coming. The new Charlotte Hornets logo was unveiled last week during halftime against the Utah Jazz, but what does this new “brand identity” truly mean to the great city of Charlotte? Is it just a simple logo or does it carry a further meaning?

The new logo doesn’t just resemble the change back to the Hornets but the return of the true identity of what Charlotte basketball is. Not only does “Hugo the Hornet” look more fierce, but the determined insect also represents what this team is looking to accomplish from here on out.

“From the heart of our history comes the fierce soul of our future.” That’s the new tag line going along with the shift back to the Hornets.

This new looking hornet shows that this current roster is destined for future success, and the fierce look exemplifies the point that they don’t want to be the same team they have been in the past. Now let’s take these lines from a casual NBA fan: “Why didn’t they just switch back to the old classic logo?”

First of all ladies and gentleman, the NBA most definitely would not allow that due to regulations regarding taking previous logos. And second of all, why not make a new and improved team identity that greatly reflects on the future of this improving franchise?

The city of Charlotte’s basketball fan base will be rejuvenated, and in fact they are the ones that made this switch to the Hornets possible! A public vote showed that there was a strong view on bringing back the expansion team that entered the league in 1988 and was stripped from the great city by that terrible man known as George Shinn in 2002.

The true meaning of what Charlotte basketball is has returned. The souls of the players and fans alike will now be more fierce because it’s a new beginning. This fresh start is destined for success that will only bring the city of Charlotte closer together not only as a diehard fan base but a growing community surrounded by the love of their city’s original team.

Welcome back “Buzz City!”

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