Andrew Bynum Suspended By Cleveland Cavaliers; He Must Go

By kennethbrown
David Banks-USA TODAY Sports

Andrew Bynum has been at the center of much discussion in the NBA this season. At times he has had magical moments, but more often than not he has struggled and been a key factor in the Cleveland Cavaliers looking out of rhythm. There has been much debate over whether the Cavaliers should cut ties with the big center or stick with him, and it’s clear there was a true dilemma for Mike Brown and his staff. But has Bynum made up their minds for them?

There have been suggestions that the Cavaliers have suffered from locker room disruptions this season; could Bynum be behind these problems?

On Saturday the Cavaliers announced that Bynum would be serving a suspension for “conduct detrimental to the team.” For a team that’s struggling like the Cavaliers, to suspend a key player it must be something extremely harmful to the atmosphere or one of his teammates.

Bynum could earn more than $12 million this season if he lasts past January 10, so perhaps now is the time they cut ties with Bynum. They took a chance with the Bynum experiment, but sadly not all experiments work out. The Cavaliers need to assess their finances, their alternative options and how bad Bynum’s action really was, and then they need to make a decision for the benefit of the entire organization.

Bynum was a player that many teams wanted to take a chance on. The Cavaliers have done so, but there’s no harm in admitting it hasn’t worked out. At least he has played some minutes for the Cavaliers which is more than his last team can say.

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