Just How Good is Portland Trail Blazers' Damien Lillard?

By kennethbrown
Steve Dykes- USA TODAY Sports

We knew Damien Lillard was a good NBA player when he was drafted in 2012. His rookie year proved he had the ability to be great as he won Rookie of the Year, but what we didn’t know was he had another level. In his second season, he has improved again, but this time he’s put the Portland Trail Blazers on his shoulders and carried them.

He does have good teammates, but Lillard is indeed the key reason why the Trail Blazers are such a frightening team to face this season.

Nobody expected Portland to be up there with the best in the NBA, but and that’s where they are right now. Their 3-point shooting is superb, and they are playing well on both ends of the court. Lillard’s offensive and defensive skills are certainly key to this. Also, his will to win is unlike many of his competitors. He doesn’t believe in losing a game until the last second has gone by and there is no physical way that his team can win.

That’s how it should be, but a lot of players and teams ultimately give up far before the end of games if things aren’t going well.

It’s long been known it takes a great point guard to win games, and Lillard has further proven this theory. He has been the difference-maker, and he has improved with each game. It’s scary to think that he will only get better with time. How can a player so dominant possibly get any better? He can do just about anything on the court, and if he stays healthy, both him and the Trail Blazers will be sticking around for a long time to come.

You know you’ve got a good player on your team when he is the one you look to regardless of whether you’re winning of losing, and Portland has that player in Lillard. If they need a game-winning shot, they pass to Lillard. They are capable of winning when he has a rare bad game, but they know they can depend on their young superstar most of the time. The rest of the NBA needs to keep their eyes peeled, or they will all be victims of Lillard’s success.

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