NBA Rumors: Will The Charlotte Bobcats Take A Chance At Arron Afflalo?

By danielcarney
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Its always the trade rumors that go wild around the social media world that grab NBA fans’ attention, but the current rumor revolving around Orlando Magic swingman Arron Afflalo and the Charlotte Bobcats hasn’t been the talk of basketball fans just yet.

Though it has been rumored, we must always remember that a rumor is just a suggestion, and it may even be that fellow teams discussed in the believed acquisition may not even remotely discussed what the fans think might happen. A rumor is a rumor, and we cant always suspect that the trade, release or signing will go down. Let’s take a look at what the Bobcats might do to try and secure Afflalo, if the interest level is high, to make him part of the roster.

We all know that the Bobcats are desperately searching for a reliable swingman after watching both Jeff Taylor (out for the season) and Michael Kidd-Gilchrist (still in line to miss the next four weeks) go down with injuries, and Afflalo truly would be a great fit into the rotation if the team takes a chance.

It has been rumored that a league source has indeed (remember these are just internet rumors, but the trade could make sense) said that the Bobcats are actively looking at trading for Afflalo, who is currently in midst of a breakout season. The 28 year old has been a star so far this season, averaging totals of 22 points a game, 3.9 assists , and 4.5 rebounds.

Charlotte truly is looking to be a surprise this season in the East due to its horrible inconsistently, and adding Afflalo would greatly aid their goal of clinching an NBA playoff birth for just the second time in team history. Steve Clifford has led the improving team to a current 14-16 record that has cemented them at the fifth spot in the conference.

So, what could the possible trade be? We have already brought up how the team is interested in acquiring the Magic star, but how exactly could they get him? Are future draft picks and possibly another player an option? I would heavily side with the draft picks option, because the Cats truly lack any other impressive young talent besides breakout star Kemba Walker, who we all know will not be traded anywhere in the near future.

The Bobcats have both the Portland Trail Blazers‘ and Detroit Pistons ‘ 2014 first round draft picks to put on the table. Should they use those? I would completely say yes to that.

With the depth in the upcoming 2014 draft picks with the Blazers or even the Pistons (who obviously wont finish with as good of a record as Portland), mid to late first round picks could be extremely more valuable than normal drafts have portrayed.

Bobcats 22-year-old center Bismack Biyombo is also a rumored peace that could be included in the trade. Placing Biyombo in the trade seems to be more necessary because the Magic aren’t just expecting one first round draft pick in return. Though the third year big man is extremely raw, he would complete the deal with just a tad of promise for the future.

If Afflalo is indeed acquired by Charlotte, it seems that they will instantly have punch their ticket to the 2014 NBA playoffs, and once again, that will be only the second time in team history the playoffs have been featured for the soon to be Hornets.

As for the Orlando Magic, if they are interested in acquiring more assets rather than wins in the short term period, then the trade can be an easy go. Afflalo has been the breakout star this year (currently ranking 10th in the NBA in scoring), and this trade will all come down to Orlando being willing to give up their top star for the future of the franchise.

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