Minnesota Timberwolves: Kevin Love Usual Self vs. Milwaukee Bucks

By keithanderson
Mary Langenfeld- USA TODAY SPORTS

It looks like the Minnesota Timberwolves just might be talented enough to make the playoffs, even in the tough Western Conference.

Kevin Love had 33 points, 15 rebounds and six assists as the Minnesota Timberwolves easily defeated the Milwaukee Bucks. Love was aided by Nikola Pekovic, who had 19 points and 11 rebounds to help the Wolves do what they do best, control the boards. They had nine more rebounds than the Bucks, who were led by Khris Middleton (23 points, 9 rebounds, 4 assists).

Having won two in a row and 6 of 10, the Wolves seem to finally be playing near the level of talent that they have on their roster. As long as they have Love, who has played outstanding all season, they will have a chance to win against any team they play. So far, Love has shown no reason why he should not win the MVP award.

The good news for the Bucks is that they have the best chance of getting the first overall pick in the 2014 NBA Draft. They now sit at 6-24, worst in the league.Milwaukee will travel to Los Angeles and take on the Los Angeles Lakers, December 31.

Minnesota, on the other hand, is back on par at 15-15 and in good position to assert themselves into the playoff mix. They will travel to Dallas to take on the 8th seeded Dallas Mavericks on December 30. This game could have huge playoff implications as the Wolves are only two games behind the Mavericks. A win for Minnesota means that the eighth seed could suddenly be theirs for the taking.


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