Charlotte Bobcats Look Pathetic As They Lose Another Close One to Utah Jazz

By danielcarney
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Just plain out pathetic is the only way you can describe the Charlotte Bobcats‘ frustrating 83-80 loss to the near league worst Utah Jazz. Bobcats fans are starting to get furious with their team’s constant struggles within the final quarter as of late.

How bad does this loss feel? It’s truly aggravating.The main reason why is because the Bobcats lost to the Jazz by the same exact margin just three games ago (88-85 on December 21)! How bad does that make fans feel — beyond horrible.

The Cats are 1-4 in their last five games and have lost those four games by a combined — wait for it — 10 points. Let that total sink in for just a second — some teams lose one game by 10 points. Charlotte’s four losses totaled a losing margin of 10 points combined!

This team needs to sit down, figure out their problems, and honestly find a way to be productive in the final quarter of basketball. That’s four easily winnable games right there. If Kemba Walker, Al Jefferson and company actually could play some fourth quarter ball they would be sitting comfortably in the No. 5 spot, but instead their higher seed is in jeopardy.

Losers of three straight, the Cats need to regroup and discuss the problem of finishing off games because if they don’t their faulty late game trait will start to pull them farther and farther away from making just their second playoff appearance in team history.

Trey Burke proved that he is one of the most promising players from this forgettable 2013 draft as he exploded for 21 points and five assists in the Jazz’s 10th win of the season. Utah has gotten significantly better ever since Burke entered the starting lineup, and the future looks bright for this team once they figure out what goals they want to set as a team.

The former Michigan starter hit a clutch eight-foot dagger that gave the Jazz a three-point lead over the Cats with 19 seconds left. These final minute drives are really starting to hurt Charlotte.

As for the Bobcats, a goal they might want to set is learning how to play all four quarters because that’s clearly something they currently cannot do. I don’t even want to get into specifics about players’ performances for the Bobcats because I am just so done with these end of the game losses for the city of Charlotte.

Though the Cats outscored the Jazz in the fourth their poor decision making in the final few minutes led to yet another loss. My point about them not being able to play all four quarters still lives on as the team scored just 13 points in the second quarter. They need to play every minute of the game to their best abilities if they want to make this last season as the Bobcats a successful one.

You want a stat? 36 percent shooting in the game and 13 assists speak for themselves. Figure it out Bobcats or these late game defeats will soon come back to haunt you. Great way to end 2013 boys.

The Cats’ next game is on Wednesday, January 1 as they kick off the new year of 2014 with a 9:30 p.m. ET game against Blake Griffin, Chris Paul and the Los Angeles Clippers at the Staples Center. This will be game three of Charlotte’s five-game road trip, and hopefully if it gets close at the end the team wont blow it!

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