Paul Pierce Better For Boston Celtics Than Brooklyn Nets

By Jared Hughes
Paul Pierce Boston Celtics Brooklyn Nets
Greg M. Cooper-USA TODAY Sports

The Boston Celtics‘ legend now Brooklyn Nets swing-man, Paul Pierce, would help the Celtics more than he’s helping the Nets. His success with the Nets has been limited because of chemistry, health, and a number of other reasons that simply would not be an issue in Beantown.

With the absence of Rajon Rondo, Pierce would have the responsibilities of playing point forward similar to last season when Rondo went down. He would also be the first scoring option which he has been his whole career. In Brooklyn, he is the fourth sometimes fifth option which is something he is not familiar with.

The Celtics struggle to score at the swing-man position at times, and Pierce would solve that problem right away. As much as Pierce said he would glorify his role as a role player, one side of his mind still wants to be the man. In Brooklyn, playing at a high level offensively and being the fourth option just doesn’t sit well. Pierce would give them nearly 20 points per game, and that is something the Celtics have struggled to accomplish thus far.

He would also serve as veteran leadership. The veterans the Celtics already have such as Gerald Wallace would not be able to offer the insight of being a superstar to younger players.

Pierce and the Nets can only hope things will click, but that is unlikely given the recent injury of Brook Lopez. The Truth is struggling right along with the Nets, and if he were still in Boston I don’t see him having the problems he’s having right now.

Come back to Boston, Paul; the color green fits you better.

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