Should Miami Heat Pursue Andrew Bynum?

By Nicholas Crimarco
David Richard-USA TODAY Sports

The Miami Heat continue to start a small lineup with no true center. Even when they turn to the bench and bring in Chris Andersen or Udonis Haslem, they still can not match up against Roy Hibbert or Tim Duncan. Chris Bosh usually has his worst games against the Indiana Pacers because of the physical nature of Hibbert, and it wears him down.

They signed Greg Oden this offseason to help them when it gets later in the season, but there might be an unexpected solution sitting out there.

The Cleveland Cavaliers have suspended center Andrew Bynum and are looking to deal him. Miami does not really have an tradeable assets, but if the Cavaliers are looking to dump him, they should look into working out a deal. Bynum continues to have knee issues, but a late season and playoff rotation of Bynum, Oden and Andersen could provide them the size and depth needed to get through the postseason easily.

Bynum may not be the player he was two years ago, but he is still averaging 8.4 points and 5.3 rebounds in 20 minutes per game. If he can give Miami those exact numbers and allow them to slide Bosh back to his natural power forward position, they would have the best lineup and rotation in the league.

For Miami to pull this off, they would have to convince Cleveland to deal Bynum for a package of Haslem, James Jones and Joel Anthony. Other than Haslem, there is very little value in that trade and they would probably try to buy out Jones and Anthony. The Cavaliers also probably would contact every team before they tried to help Miami and LeBron James win another ring.

If no other team wants Bynum because of his injury concerns and off the court issues, the Heat should try everything in their power to get him without dealing a rotation player. 20 minutes of Bynum, 16 of Andersen and 12 of Oden per game will give them a true center for 48 minutes every game and keep all three of them fresh all year.

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