Andre Miller Is Rightfully Suspended By Denver Nuggets

By Juan Pablo Aravena
Andre Miller Nuggets Minutes
Chris Humphreys – USA TODAY Sports

Things are complicated for the Denver Nuggets franchise, and the issues that have been happening outside the court are definitely not helping the team’s cause.

Currently on their longest losing streak of the season, rookie head coach Brian Shaw decided to make a move in the rotation and opted to sit veteran guard Andre Miller, resulting in Miller’s first healthy scratch of his 15-year career.

Many would have expected Miller to take the situation with the savvy that a veteran player should have, but instead he decided to rant about it and took it against Shaw in the worst way possible. As a result, the Nuggets have decided to suspend Miller for two games based on his recent behavior and really, nobody can argue against that.

Miller is supposed to be one of the locker room leaders of a team that has gone through a lot this year; Denver went from being the sensation team in the West last season to be a squad that can nearly play .500 basketball this year. They also changed the coaching staff – going from George Karl to Brian Shaw – and while the results haven’t been the ones expected by the fans, the veterans should be the ones leading the team through the rough stretches of a season.

Miller should’ve managed things different, and maybe none of this would’ve happened if he had decided to take a different approach towards his benching. Instead, Miller decided to explode against the one who’s in charge of seeing who plays and who doesn’t. Not only did he get suspended, but it’s probable that he won’t be playing for Denver much longer after this incident.

His future remains unlikely, because contending teams that could use his skill set – a pass-first guard with a lot of experience under his belt – would surely stay away from him if he starts to have this kind of behavior on a regular basis.

Clearly, this wasn’t the brightest move by Miller.

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