Are The Cleveland Cavaliers Too Dependent On Kyrie Irving?

By kennethbrown
David Richard- USA TODAY Sports

When you think of the Cleveland Cavaliers, you’d be hard pressed not to think of their star player, Kyrie Irving. Every team has a player that springs to mind when brought up, but are the Cavaliers putting too much weight on the shoulders of their young point guard?

During Tuesday’s game against the Indiana Pacers, Irving felt something pop in his knee which was left feeling weak. This became a cause for serious concern all over Cleveland. The team, which is struggling with their talented star, could be without him for a long period of time, so how would they cope? Simply put, they wouldn’t. Luckily his MRI has shown it is just a left knee contusion and he will be listed as day-to-day for now.

Irving has been a large source of their scoring in their struggling season, and he has also been creative with his assists. This has made him an irreplaceable player for the Cavaliers, so what could they have done? We still might find out as Irving will have to take things easy for now and there is no obvious idea of when his return will be.

Luckily they have Jarrett Jack, but he couldn’t produce the numbers Kyrie can. Although Kyrie should be back to his best before long, it is a serious worry. He has had a lot of injury problems in his young career, so in the near future the Cavaliers could be without him for a large period of time. NBA fans don’t have any clue how the Cavaliers could cope without him, and truthfully the Cavaliers probably don’t either.

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