Can The Cleveland Cavaliers Reach Indiana Pacers' Heights?

By kennethbrown
Pat Lovell- USA TODAY Sports

The Indiana Pacers are the role model of the NBA at this moment in time. They have worked hard, and although they’re a small market team, they’ve had, and are having, some success. The Cleveland Cavaliers have been trying to build something of a similar stature for a few years now, but they’re failing to do so. Recently, the two teams faced one another, and this was a chance to assess what the Pacers have built. For large durations of the game, the Cavaliers showed the promise they possess and were controlling the game, but they fell apart when it mattered most, which resulted in a 91-76 loss. It’s pivotal for the Cavaliers to keep Kyrie Irving healthy, happy and in form, like the Pacers have done with Paul George. In this game, Irving limped off the court with knee pains, finishing with 10 points, five rebounds and five assists. The Pacers have gained a lot of exposure to tough games in their playoff games in recent years. This is an achievement the Cavaliers are hoping to copy. There are no tougher games than the ones with playoff implications, and that would explain why teams like the Pacers are able to cope with the regular season pressure, always finding another level when times are hard. The Cavaliers share a lot of things in common with the Pacers and they can replicate their success, but it will take hard work, the right transactions, and constant effort. If both teams carry on as expected, this could be an enticing playoff match within the next few years.

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