Cleveland Cavaliers Rumors: Andrew Bynum For Pau Gasol Swap In The Works?

By kennethbrown
Jayne Kamin-Oncea- USA TODAY Sports

There was so much optimism in Cleveland when the Cleveland Cavaliers announced they’d signed center Andrew Bynum, but some warned them that would be a short-lived feeling; and they were right. He was suspended for his conduct recently and the Cavaliers have since been desperate in their attempts to trade him. One deal in the cards is the trade of Bynum to the Los Angeles Lakers with the Cavaliers receiving Pau Gasol.

The Cavaliers had their own concerns when signing Bynum, so they had placed a Jan. 7, 2014 deadline within his contract. If he was good, he stayed and would receive the second half of his $12 million. If he was poor, however, they would cut their losses and release him. With his expiring contract an appealing one, the Cavaliers are hoping to trade him before this deadline.

Not many teams are interested in Bynum’s basketball abilities, but the ability to save themselves a lot of money could be appealing so a deal may get done. The Lakers could save in the region of $20 million once it’s all said and done, and the Cavaliers are trying to land the star Gasol in this deal. There have been some problems with the Lakers wanting a bigger compensation pack, possibly including a draft pick or a young player.

We can expect an end to this Bynum experiment in the coming days, but one way or another he will be leaving the Cavaliers ensuring his signing was indeed a mistake.

Will Bynum play in the NBA again or is he now just a financial asset? That has yet to be determined.

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