Golden State Warriors vs Miami Heat: Andre Iguodala Could Steal The Show

By Richard Nurse
Andre Iguodala
Steve Mitchell-USA TODAY Sports

Tonight’s NBA schedule is highlighted by the Golden State Warriors vs. the Miami Heat — the Splash Brothers vs. the Big Three. Stephen Curry vs. LeBron James — it’s the type of marquee matchup that would usually be advertised and televised as a potential championship matchup, no matter how early in the season or overly ambitious, which is why it’s a surprise that they didn’t move the game to one of the major basketball networks.

With all of that said, I would caution fans to keep an eye on a player that may not be as popular to the masses, but is sure to have just as much of an impact as anyone else.

“They’re versatile, especially with [Andre] Iguodala,” Heat forward Shane Battier said via the Mercury News. “He’s the West Coast version of LeBron. You can put him in multiple places on the floor and he unlocks the versatility.”

At first glance, people may be a little skeptical about that quote, but Battier couldn’t have spoken truer words. Iguodala is an unselfish, two-way player who can score, pass and rebound anything that bounces his way. His long arms also allow him to play the passing lanes and lock down the opposing teams’ stars.

In a sense, Iguodala is providing the same services as James, just to a smaller degree.

James’ 27.6 points, 7.3 rebounds and 6.9 assists are slightly gaudier than Iguodala’s 14.9 points, 5.7 rebounds and 4.9 assists, however, their steals, minutes and shooting percentages — from the floor, three-point range and foul line — are pretty much identical.

It’s like they were both plucked from the Scottie Pippen tree of be your team’s everything. And tonight, they’ll try to stop each other from doing anything.

Now, that’s a marquee matchup.

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