What Do The Cleveland Cavaliers Have Planned For Anthony Bennett?

By kennethbrown
David Richard – USA TODAY Sports

When The Cleveland Cavaliers selected Anthony Bennett as the first pick in in the first-round of the 2014 NBA Draft, the world laughed for a minute. Many claimed that he wouldn’t be NBA ready, especially for a No. 1 pick. Others believed he would work out, but so far, he has struggled and looks like a lost kid out on the court, and that’s exactly what he is, a kid struggling to play in the NBA. The Cavaliers have given him a lengthy, expensive contract and will look to stick by him, hoping he reaches the potential they once believed he had.

With center Andrew Bynum about to depart for a new team, the Cavaliers will have more minutes to spread out across the center and power forward position. Depending how they start each game, it’s likely there will be a gap that they cannot fill, so the Cavaliers will be looking to promote from within their roster. This means that Tyler Zeller and Bennett will get more minutes. That can only be good for Bennett, who will improve if given a long stint in the starting five.

Bennett has posted one poor performance after another, but the Cavaliers still hope he can provide something alongside their talented core, and this may be the way to do it. Everybody has suggested that he is a lost cause, but the Cavaliers need help, and quite frankly, Bennett needs to step up and show a minimal improvement at least.

Regardless of what happens next, Bennett has been a let down for the struggling Cavaliers, but if he gets the chance and works hard to improve, he may not be remembered as the worst No. 1 draft pick of all time.

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