How Important Is Anderson Varejao To The Cleveland Cavaliers?

By kennethbrown
Ken Blaze- USA TODAY Sports

For years Anderson Varejao has been the center of speculation within Cleveland. He’s one of the Cleveland Cavaliers‘ most prized players, but there have been various highs and lows during his time in Cleveland. When playing at his best he is untouchable, but one problem they have faced is his injury troubles. Varejao has suffered one injury after another over the years and struggled to put an entire season together.

When healthy and playing well he is constantly tipped to be traded. Varejao is getting older and has the injury plagued past for the Cavaliers to consider, so it’s easy to see why they’re tempted to trade him. However, he is one of their most experienced players, he is happy and finally healthy, so the Cavaliers should keep him, right?

On Thursday the Cavaliers faced the Orlando Magic and Varejao showed how important he is to his team. He finished with 18 points and a career-high 25 rebounds. The Cavaliers improved to 11-21, and it’s clear they need all the experience they can get to turn their season around. Despite the constant rumors about his departure, the Cavaliers should stand by their man and continue to put young talent around him.

As proved in the game against the Magic, he can be the difference between winning and losing, and that’s what the Cavaliers need right now. At best they’d get a draft pick for his services meaning depending on another young player. For now the Cavaliers can focus on the youth they have on their roster, but keeping the experienced players like Varejao around can only help their progress.

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