Brooklyn Nets Are "Bush League Organization"

By Mike B. Ruiz
Douglas Jones-USA Today Sports

Coming up with fitting words to characterize the 11-21 Brooklyn Nets has been one of the most difficult media tasks throughout the first half of this NBA season.

Former Orlando Magic coach and current NBC Sports analyst Stan Van Gundy, however, hit the nail on the head when discussing them other day.

“I think with all the injuries it’s been hard to evaluate Jason Kidd. It’s been easy to jump on him not just because of the record, but the things coming out of their locker room, the situation with Lawrence Frank, the incident of spilling the drink on the floor.

“I mean this has looked like a bush league organization much of the year, they don’t play with much effort at all, a very uninspired team. But at the same time they had so many people hurt you just don’t know. And now they are not they are not going to be healthy all year…”

Considering that “bush league” is usually a term applied to idiotic baseball players that are risking the health of their opponents/teammates, I had yet to see it linked to the mind-numbing Nets of 2013-14. But the exception Van Gundy makes for them is still appropriate.

Because the fact of the matter is that Brooklyn has earned respect for their effort for all of maybe 12 quarters this season with victories over the Los Angeles ClippersOklahoma City Thunder and two-time defending champion Miami Heat.

And when it comes to pro basketball, that’s pretty bush league.

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