Los Angeles Clippers Rumors: Blake Griffin and Carmelo Anthony Trade is an Excellent Idea

By Ryan Heckman
Debby Wong-USA TODAY Sports

The Los Angeles Clippers and New York Knicks just might make the biggest news yet in this 2013 NBA season. According to ESPN, the two teams have separately discussed a potential trade involving swapping All-Stars Carmelo Anthony and Blake Griffin. While New York team officials have talked internally about such a deal, so has Los Angeles. But, the two teams have not yet discussed the possibility.

If this type of deal were to go through, the Clippers will have pulled off an incredible move. With Chris Paul now out for up to five weeks, the Clippers are going to need to rely on someone else to either facilitate the offense, or take it over. Anthony is the kind of guy who thrives with the ball in his hands. It’s what he does; how he operates on the court.

With Anthony, the Clippers would get instant offense and not have to worry about the loss of Paul for the moment. However, when Paul returns, the Clippers would have two big-time threats on offense. Paul can not only facilitate an NBA offense better than anyone in the league, but he can score the basketball too. As for Anthony, well, we know he can put the ball in the hoop as good as anybody as well.

The loss of Griffin wouldn’t hurt too bad. He’s more of a product of a system in Los Angeles. He’s the starting power forward and a very athletic guy — of course he’s going to get rebounds. He still cannot hit a consistent jumper, nor is he an elite defender. Still retaining a guy like DeAndre Jordan would be more than enough to hold down the paint. Jordan is a better defender and rebounder overall.

Anthony and Paul have reportedly talked previously about playing together in the past, and rumors have swirled that the desire for such a tandem to happen hasn’t died down one bit. These guys would still love playing together, and as of Saturday, it very well could happen. Be on the lookout for more information regarding the deal as it continues to surface.

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