Ryan Anderson Taken Off on Stretcher as New Orleans Pelicans Outlast Celtics

By Cody Williams
Ryan Anderson injury
David Butler II – USA Today Sports Images

The New Orleans Pelicans found themselves in a tough contest with the Boston Celtics on Friday night, but ultimately improved to 15-16 on the 2013-14 NBA season. While the 95-92 victory and another big game from Anthony Davis are good things for New Orleans, this game was marred by a scary moment for the Pelicans.

Early in the fourth quarter, the Celtics scored after a steal and subsequent fast-break. While the Pelicans tried to get the inbounds pass in, New Orleans forward Ryan Anderson was trying to break loose from some full-court pressure. While doing so, Boston forward Gerald Wallace came sprinting down the floor to try and add some more pressure. He collided with Anderson.

Anderson went down to the floor and stayed there for several minutes, not moving. He was evaluated by trainers and other personnel and then was carried off of the floor on a stretcher. He gave the fans a thumbs-up as he went off of the floor on the stretcher, but that doesn’t make the moment seem any less serious.

The injury to Anderson is being called a cervical stinger. While a stinger is painful and presents an unpleasant tingling situation because of the way it affects the nerves in the neck and arms, it is a self-limiting injury that will heal with proper rehabilitation and precautions. A stinger would also explain why Anderson lied there, as that is the protocol that athletes are taught to go through if they feel that type of pain, in case it’s something more serious.

While there’s nothing conclusive right now, let’s hope a stinger is all that Anderson has suffered. Not only has Anderson been fantastic on the floor for the Pelicans this season, but he’s also been through a lot over the past year with the passing of his girlfriend. He’s shown that he has a ton of endurance and the ability to persevere, but let’s hope he doesn’t have to deal with too much more.

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