Sacramento Kings Rumors: Andre Miller Trade Would End In Disaster

By Karim Akbar
David Richard – USA TODAY Sports

Maybe you’re still in disbelief that Andre Miller was sent home by Denver Nuggets head coach Brian Shaw earlier this week. What’s that you say? Sent home for conduct detrimental to the team? Detrimental? Are we talking about the same Andre Miller? Regardless, Miller is gaining interest from two teams looking for a veteran mentor, but is Andre really the right choice given his suspension?

The Sacramento Kings sure would like to know. Adrian Wojnarowrski of Yahoo Sports reports the Kings and the Golden State Warriors are ‘intrigued’ by a deal to acquire the 37-year-old. From the Warriors’ side it’s a solid emergency plan to backup the ‘greatest backcourt in NBA history.’ For the Kings it’s strictly an emotional hire for a disgruntled veteran which is exactly why they should not pull the trigger.

Kings general manager Pete D’Alessandro has long been a supporter of Andre Miller so it comes as no surprise that he would like to be reunited, but at this late stage in Miller’s career it’s a complete waste of time. Sacramento has already thrown its support behind Isaiah Thomas at point, and a move to acquire a grumpy mentor for Thomas is absurd.

If you’re already getting career numbers from Thomas why does he now need a veteran mentor who was just suspended as a backup? Andre Miller is a serviceable backup point guard, but is he really worth 5.9 points and three assists per game? A trade for Andre Miller also underscores the real problem which is that adding a gimpy — now grumpy — veteran to the mix won’t help the Kings improve on their commitment to defense.

If head coach Michael Malone practices what he preaches when it comes to defense then he’ll persuade Pete D’Alessandro not to make this move. Sometimes familiarity is a double-edged sword that doesn’t pan out like you hoped.

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