Michael Jordan's One Game Return Was Silliest NBA Rumor Of All Time

By danielcarney
Sam Sharpe-USA TODAY Sports

Did any of you NBA fans out there really expect to see Michael Jordan playing one game in a Charlotte Bobcats uniform this season? Well, according to ESPN’s Jalen Rose, in early October, that was a done deal. How is that prediction looking now? Not so good. Today, we’re going to end this silly prediction once and for all.

Some fans actually started to believe in Rose’s ridiculous forecast, and that is what really blew my mind. People truly didn’t get through their minds just how hard it is to get out of an ownership role and play in a game. You cant just step into a game whenever you would like.

Even though it was reported in early Funerary that Jordan had beaten former second overall pick Michael Kidd-Gilchrist in a game of one-on-one, you can’t just give a wild pick like that.

There was no way that the now 50-year-old legend would risk getting on the court only to get embarrassed by the NBA’s fresh, young talent. If you’re one of those people that still thinks he could put up 15 points in a game, sit down and be quiet.

Remember when the six-time NBA champion threatened to return at age 50 in his Hall of Fame speech? Nobody took that idea seriously at the time, and nobody would even think of taking it seriously now. Rose truly didn’t put any thought into his return rumor as there were many things he was missing. Not only was his proclamation ludicrous, but it also literally was impossible to go down.

I don’t think he really understands that, in order to step onto the court in a Bobcats’ uniform, Jordan would have had to sell of his ownership role just to play in one game, something he’s clearly not up for.

The words of Rose honestly made fans not take this guy seriously anymore. “I’ll make a quick prediction for the Bobcats… Michael Jordan is coming out of retirement and playing one game this year.” Nice prediction, man! Hows it coming along?

It was single handedly the silliest and most ridiculous NBA rumor of all time, because Jordan definitely wouldn’t give up his ownership role to play in one single game!

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