Philadelphia 76ers Should Be Cautious About Trading For Blake Griffin

By Alan Gung
Blake Griffin
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Blake Griffin has been one of the most exciting and marketable players during his NBA career in red, white and blue (except those colors could be for the Philadelphia 76ers, not the Los Angeles Clippers). Griffin is rumored to be on the trading block, and the Sixers could be one of the teams to be mentioned in the rumors.

Before rumors begin flying around involving the Sixers, they might want to caution themselves before the temptation of bringing in a cash-cow like Griffin. The big problem is how much they’re willing to surrender for a franchise player, and if they willing to take on the three years left on Griffin’s contract, especially given his past injuries.

While the upsides may seem great, the downsides to Griffin’s game might outweigh them. Aside from the injuries, Griffin also hasn’t been disappointing in the playoffs and is a terrible free-throw shooter. He averages 62.4 percent from the line, though his shooting has gone up this season to 70.5 percent.

Griffin has been playing well as of late, as most of his numbers are up. With his play this season and the Clippers hunt for a championship, they’ll be looking for a lot in return. The Sixers may not have enough trading chips, except one — this summer’s first round pick.

Sixers management will certainly balk at including a chance of drafting the top draft pick. They also will not give up their other two assets, Nerlens Noel and Michael Carter-Williams, as they are still cheaper and more promising than Griffin.

The Clippers will want two of those three aforementioned players to make the deal happen, as they will look to improve their title chances without paying too much in luxury taxes. The Sixers will attempt to sway the Clippers into taking on the contracts of Evan Turner, Spencer Hawes, Thaddeus Young and James Anderson.

Griffin is also getting paid more than $16 million this season, so the Sixers may not want to go over the luxury tax if they’re looking to rebuild. They certainly cannot rebuild with Griffin alone. They’ll need to give him the right supporting cast, which is what the Clippers have.

The Sixers don’t quite have the supporting cast the Clippers have if they are to acquire Griffin.

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