What Jerryd Bayless Does For Boston Celtics

By Jared Hughes
Justin Ford-USA TODAY Sports

The Boston Celtics have officially pulled the trigger on the Courtney LeeJerryd Bayless swap, according to ESPN.

Bayless brings to the team what Lee didn’t: scoring. Although Lee was a great defender and has years of experience in big moments, Bayless assists with the Celtics’ scoring struggles. Instant offense serves well for every team. Bayless will offer the Jason Terry effect to the Celtics except less three-pointers and more of an all around scoring option.

His athleticism and energy matches the C’s and their playing style. Rajon Rondo will be able to find a lot of open shots for Bayless and they will love each other as running mates on the fast break as Bayless is known to showcase athleticism on fast breaks. Fans will love Bayless because of his energy and will grant him plenty of “Tommy Points.” The combo guard had flashes of brilliance with the Memphis Grizzlies and we should see more of that playing with a better point guard in Rondo.

He is also a pretty good defender if you didn’t know. Bayless enjoys being active on defense–similar to Avery Bradley–and the Celtics need a guard who can stick tough defense, then go to the other side of the ball and knock down the trey consistently. His defensive efforts will only excel, being teammates with defensive guards Rondo and Bradley.

I believe with the current roster, Bayless serves as an upgrade for the Boston Celtics. This may be his opportunity to show the NBA what he’s really made of. There is room on this team for him to get valuable minutes, especially with Rondo still out with an injury. I believe the Celtics’ organization and the state of Massachusetts will favorite this addition.


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