Cleveland Cavaliers' Mixed Form Continues

By kennethbrown
David Richard- USA TODAY Sports

The Cleveland Cavaliers are in dreadful form, but it’s what they’re showing in each game that is confusing NBA fans. In one game against a lesser team they fall apart, but then they’re able to come close to winning against far superior teams. This suggests it may be a lack of motivation that’s needed for the lesser games, and extra quality needed for the better opponents.

The Cavaliers faced the struggling Brooklyn Nets on the 4th of January and they were expected to have a chance of winning, but sadly they were dominated for large periods of the game. In the end, they made the score look a lot closer than the game ever was, with the Cavaliers losing 89-82. The next day they faced one of the NBA’s best teams in the Indiana Pacers, and they were far better, keeping it close for the majority of the game, which is better than many other teams have done against the Pacers this season.

The Cavaliers lost 82-78 against the Pacers, but this defeat was truly one for them to build on, especially as they were without their star point guard Kyrie Irving. The loss to the Nets caused sheer disappointment, but the loss to the Pacers was motivating and the Cavaliers proved that they can compete with the best teams.

Whether the Cavaliers are taking negatives or positives from games, the fact remains that they are struggling to win this season, and that needs to change. Cleveland has proven that it can compete with the best of teams, but it desperately needs consistency and that spark that helps it get its acts together.

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