Time For Dallas Mavericks' Brandan Wright To Take Off The Diapers

By Miotch
Brandan Wright
Geoff Burke-USA TODAY Sports

Since Dallas Mavericks center Brandan Wright first set foot on an NBA basketball court with the Golden State Warriors back in 2007, much has been made of his ‘raw skills’ and ‘potential.’ Throughout Wright’s career, he has shown brief flashes of this potential by going bananas on the court in short spurts. In last season’s final month, for instance, Wright had three separate games in which he put up 16-plus points.

All this dillydallying on Wright’s part needs to end, though. To borrow a quote from former NFL head coach and epic crier Dick Vermeil, Wright needs to take the diapers off. Wright is no longer that 20-year-old scrawny kid on the Warriors. At 26, the time has come for Wright to put it all together. Now is the time for him to consistently protect the rim and to realize that ‘points in the paint’ have nothing to do with the color of paint on his fingernails (which is not to say that Wright actually paints his fingernails).

He needs to take the diapers off. No more being a ‘beast’ on Tuesday and Friday and then winging it for the next two months. That doesn’t work in the NBA, and it especially doesn’t work with Mavericks head coach Rick Carlisle. Carlisle has a short hook; he doesn’t play around. His doghouse is an inhospitable, miserable place to be. Just ask Samuel Dalembert.

In Wright’s defense, he is coming off a fractured shoulder, but he’s definitely running out of excuses. The time has come for Wright to prove all of his doubters wrong.

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