Have Cleveland Cavaliers Finally Found Motivation They Needed?

By kennethbrown
Dennis Wierzbicki- USA TODAY Sports

The Cleveland Cavaliers were expected to be a good NBA team this season, and so far they’ve been anything but good. Quite often they’ve not been bad either, but they’ve failed to reach the heights they have set out for themselves. The Cavaliers aren’t far from playoff contention and after getting rid of the bad influence that is Andrew Bynum and bringing in the highly respected, quality Luol Deng, the Cavaliers appear ready to win games at last.

The Cavaliers went head-to-head with the Philadelphia 76ers on Tuesday, Jan. 7, which was their first game since acquiring All-Star Luol Deng. Although Deng wasn’t ready to make his first start as a member of the Cavaliers’ organization, his new team seemed to respond to the move in a very good way. The Cavaliers had one of their best performances of the season, in which they topped the 76ers 111-93. They dominated in each area of the court and were unstoppable for large durations of the game.

When a team makes a big signing the other players usually respond. Whatever happens with the rest of the season and Deng’s future, the move to bring him to Cleveland shows a huge amount of faith is held from this team. The Cavaliers believe they can win games and go to the playoffs this season. Not next season, this season. By bringing Deng to Cleveland, they are bringing somebody that epitomizes everything their team believes in. Defense first, good behavior on and off the court and finally somebody who can score in many ways on the court. For all of these reasons, Deng may be the perfect player for the Cavaliers.

The Cavaliers seem excited to have their new talent as one of their own, and they certainly showed how pumped up they were in their recent victory. Now if they can add Deng to that level of performance, then the Cavaliers may just turn their season around and become the team to watch.

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