Los Angeles Clippers Should Pass On Free Agent Andrew Bynum Despite Reported Interest

By christopherbrown
David Richard – USA TODAY Sports

The Steven Jackson era is over in Los Angeles. Jackson’s short stint with the Los Angeles Clippers was short lived and uneventful, and for a guy like Jackson, that’s as much as a good thing as it could have been bad. The NBA Championship forward didn’t see much action as a Clipper.

“Stephen was everything I needed him to be”, said head coach Doc Rivers.

After the loss of point guard Chris Paul to a shoulder injury, Rivers acknowledged that the Clippers are in need of guards (which made Jackson expendable), and as the the teams’s Senior Vice President of Operation, it’s Rivers’ job to do what he can to find one. But finding a single replacement for one of the best pure point guards in league history is simply not going to happen.

As of Tuesday, two-time championship center Andrew Bynum is looking for work. The Former Los Angeles Laker was released by the Chicago Bulls. Sources say that the injury prone 7-footer  has drawn interest from many teams throughout the league. League sources also state that the Clippers are leading the charge, but there’s just two problems — Bynum is not a guard and he’s not right for this Clipper team.

The Clippers have battled injuries and a new system all season, but what has kept the team in the winning column is their collective passion for the game. The same can’t be said for Bynum. The eccentric big man will soon be playing for his fifth team in two seasons. His unquestionable talent has often been overshadowed by bad knees and chronic bad attitude.

When asked as a Laker for his take on trade rumors involving the former All-Star center, Bynum said, “There a bank in every city.” Indeed there is, but locker room chemistry is not, and the Clippers cann’t afford to lose that.

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