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NBA Trade Rumors: 10 Players Who Could Get Dealt Before 2014 Deadline

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10 NBA Players Who Could Wind Up in a Different Uniform Prior to the Trade Deadline

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This is one of the most exciting times in the NBA for everybody. The month or so leading up to the trade deadline is one of the more buzz worthy time periods in basketball, and fans everywhere are wanting to know who, what, where and why in regards to their favorite teams and players and the potential trades that could occur.

We have already seen some deals happen this year. Rudy Gay was dealt yet another time. Is he in Sacramento for good? Maybe. The Cleveland Cavaliers made a huge deal acquiring Chicago Bulls forward Luol Deng this week in exchange for Andrew Bynum. The Bulls, of course, released Bynum in order to save some money, but also received three draft picks out of the deal.

2014's trade deadline is shaping up to be one of the most eventful days in the history of the game, if all goes according to plan. There are several teams looking to make some deals happen, both contenders and rebuilding franchises. All of those guys you've heard about potentially being moved since the beginning of the season? Most of them are still fair game and very well could find a new home.

This season, we've seen a few more players than usual express their discontent with their current team or teammates. There are guys who are obviously disgruntled, and a trade looks imminent in order to create a better situation for both the player and team overall.

Some teams are in need of just one more piece, in their eyes, to be able to contend for a championship. Who could those few guys be that may do the trick? Other teams are looking to get rid of some nasty contracts to put them in better position for this upcoming free agency period. Would there be teams crazy enough to take on those sort of deals?

I've got answers to all of those questions in respect to some of the biggest names on the market right now. These 10 players could very well be moved by the trade deadline, and I'll even give you a rumoredl landing spot for the majority of them.

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10. Ben Gordon, Charlotte Bobcats

Sam Sharpe-USA TODAY Sports

The Charlotte Bobcats are reportedly shopping Ben Gordon, according to Alex Kennedy over at HOOPSWORLD and already have a few teams interested. No matter who the team is that winds up trading for Gordon, it's a win for Charlotte getting rid of that huge contract.

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9. Kirk Hinrich, Chicago Bulls

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Sam Amick of USA TODAY has reported that the Golden State Warriors, among other teams, have serious interest in acquiring Kirk Hinrich. Now that the Bulls are in more of a rebuilding mode, don’t be surprised if he’s dealt.

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8. Andre Miller, Denver Nuggets

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Plenty of sources have now come to the conclusion that there will definitely be some offers made regarding Denver Nuggets point guard Andre Miller. A team rumored to have interest is the New York Knicks at the moment.

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7. Evan Turner, Philadelphia 76ers

Howard Smith-USA TODAY Sports

The Philadelphia 76ers have made it known to the league that Evan Turner is available, but they want assets in return. Philly is supposedly looking to be real active prior to the trade deadline, so stay tuned.

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6. Josh Smith, Detroit Pistons

Kim Klement-USA TODAY Sports

With how the season has gone for the Detroit Pistons and Josh Smith, not everything is butterflies and rainbows. According to Alex Kennedy of HOOPSWORLD, the Pistons are looking to shake things up a bit and Smith may just be the guy they’re thinking of trading.

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5. Gary Neal, Milwaukee Bucks

Howard Smith-USA TODAY Sports

It’s safe to say that Gary Neal isn’t having fun. After a scuffle with teammate Larry Sanders and some inappropriate comments, Neal appears on his way out as the Milwaukee Bucks will do “everything possible” to trade him, according to CBS Sports.

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4. Klay Thompson, Golden State Warriors

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The Sacramento Kings have reportedly been one of the most active teams on the trade front lately. According to CBS Sports NBA Insider Ken Berger, the Kings’ top long-term target at the moment is Warriors guard Klay Thompson.

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3. Dion Waiters, Cleveland Cavaliers

Bob DeChiara-USA TODAY Sports

This situation likely hasn’t gotten much better. Dion Waiters simply doesn’t fit with the Cavs. I would bet that he winds up in a different uniform, especially now that Cleveland looks serious about winning now, thus making some moves.

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2. Thaddeus Young, Philadelphia 76ers

Tom Szczerbowski-USA TODAY Sports

According to Jake Fischer of the Boston Globe, the Phoenix Suns are one of the top teams interested in acquiring 76ers forward Thaddeus Young. Phoenix was supposed to rebuild this year, but they’ve moved far beyond that point already.

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1. Omer Asik, Houston Rockets

Troy Taormina-USA TODAY Sports

It is no secret that the Houston Rockets would like to move Omer Asik before the deadline. Asik hasn’t been happy this season, and the Rockets would like to create the best possible team to make a run at a championship in 2014.