Cleveland Cavaliers: Can Kyrie Irving And Luol Deng Become NBA's Best Duo?

By kennethbrown
Eric P. Mull- USA TODAY Sports

They say you need two things to win an NBA championship, or at the very least to win a lot of games: a top, consistent scorer and a dominating point guard. In Luol Deng and Kyrie Irving, the Cleveland Cavaliers have a pairing to match the best of them, but are they going to be a good enough duo to top the likes of LeBron James-Dwyane Wade and Kevin DurantRussell Westbrook?

When looking at the NBA’s best duos, they are often on the very best teams and have a combined 40  points per game or more. Both Irving and Deng are undoubtedly great players, but the Cavaliers are hoping they can put their good form together and combine to be something truly special. Considering their individual statistics for the first part of this season, they would combine for 41 points per game, which is up there with the best combined point totals.

The Cavaliers have missed having a scorer and have often depended on Kyrie too much, but they will now have two superstar threats with a ton of other influential players surrounding them. This will make the Cavaliers a frightening prospect for any defense. There’s no doubting that this pairing will work, but how quickly will they gel? Deng and Irving are determined players that will never give up, so expect them to learn each other’s games pretty quickly.

In Irving and Deng, the Cavaliers have the dynamic duo that every NBA team needs to compete and eventually win championships. How far can this pair take their Cavaliers team? Who knows, but this team is about to rapidly improve.

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