Is C.J. Miles Stepping Up At Perfect Time For Cleveland Cavaliers?

By kennethbrown
Ken Blaze- USA TODAY Sports

Every roster brings players like C.J. Miles to bolster their numbers and to hope it pans out for the best. When the Cleveland Cavaliers signed Miles, they weren’t expecting the player they’ve received. He starts many games and is quite often one of their best players. Players in Miles’ mold usually disappear very quickly, but he looks sets to stick around for the long haul; if not, he will never forget January 7, 2014.

On that cold night in Cleveland, Miles was on fire. He set the Cavaliers franchise record by making 10 three-pointers, two short of the NBA record. He finished with 34 points and was a large part of the reason the Cavaliers dominated that entire game. He also had five rebounds, two assists and a pair of steals. Not bad for a bit player, right? Miles is so much more than that to this franchise now. He has also proven that any bench player can become an NBA regular.

The eight-year player is averaging 10.1 points per game, 1.0 assist per game and 2.3 rebounds per game. Again, that’s brilliant for someone who wasn’t supposed to bring much to the table. The Cavaliers have had a tough season, but it looks like it’s about to turn around, and Miles can be a big part of that. He has the right mixture of youth and experience, and his three-point shot can spark the Cavaliers to glory.

The Cavaliers look set to keep Miles around for the long term, and if not, he’s a great addition for any team. Miles has ensured that he will be around the league for a long time to come, hopefully as a member of the Cavaliers.

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