JR Smith Intentionally Causing Problems In Hopes Of Being Traded From New York Knicks

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One of the weirder stories of the week has been J.R. Smith‘s new obsession with untying men’s shoes during basketball games. He was issued a warning for his actions after he did it for the first time in a game against the Dallas Mavericks. He ignored that warning and tried it again, which led to $50,000 fine. The fine was steep, but I guess it was called for, given the fact that he could have simply gotten off with a warning after the first incident.

This could be seen as some crazy type of scream for help, or maybe he has some hidden fetish for shoelaces. Who knows? What I do know is that Smith is one weird character and his play this season shows that he does not take himself seriously. I don’t think the fine was enough, and that he might have wanted it in some unexplainable way. He is a magnet for bad publicity and even worse play.

I think he figured since he could not get his name in the paper for positive reasons, he might as well cause some childish havoc on the court. His plan worked, and he is somewhere patting himself on the back. This guy should just been suspended and made an example of before the next incident occurs. He just seems like he does not want anything to do with being a part of the New York Knicks‘ disappointing season. Knicks head coach Mike Woodson will eventually get tired of his nonsense, and that may be exactly what Smith wants.

I am going to take things a step further and say that Smith’s intention is to get himself traded before the deadline, or shipped out in the offseason. It’s evident that wants he to, even if no one else sees it. His cry for help is getting nationwide attention and that falls in great with his plan. I doubt that he will come out and voice his frustration or true intentions. I guess his way to say that he wants out is to untie shoes. Everyone has their way of doing things, and Smith has always been one of the more interesting characters in the NBA. I expect him to continue with the weirdness until he gets whatever it is he wants out of the situation. I think he wants out of New York, so until then, let’s just enjoy the show.

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  • James

    Soo im going to show that i am hard headed and dont follow instructions because that will have teams Crawling to sign me?? Naw this is the NBA hommie there isn’t a team out there thas going to take JR smith for 4 more years and 18 million..he is doing this so that he can’t be traded…

    • Brian Anderson

      It could be either way, it is a good view on it but trust me, no one knows whats really going on in this guys head lol all we can do is speculate until it all unfolds and even then we wont know the full story. No matter how disruptive you are, there will ALWAYS be teams willing to take a chance on you. Rodman, Sprewell, TO(football), … it comes down to just business in the end