5 Former NBA All-Stars Who Don’t Deserve to Make the Team in 2014

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5 Former NBA All-Stars Who Don't Deserve to Make the Team in 2014

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When it comes to the NBA All-Star Game, most years it is difficult to pick 12 deserving players from both teams and get it 100 percent correct. With the fans voting in the starters, you usually get players that make it to the game based on reputation and career numbers rather than how deserving they are. With certain positions being weaker than others, you also have players getting in based on the position they play and needing to fill out a complete roster.

The game is an exhibition without any significant meaning towards the outcome of the season. This allows fans to vote in the players they want to see and sometimes even guys that aren’t playing anymore. In 1992, Magic Johnson started the All-Star Game for the Western Conference even though he was retired and didn’t play a single game all year. He was voted in by the fans as a starter and went on to win the All-Star Game MVP.

Another factor is who is voting for the All-Stars. With the balloting being done online and open internationally, Yao Ming of the Houston Rockets was named a starter six times to the All-Star game even though he played in the same Conference as Shaquille O’Neal. In his rookie season, Yao averaged 13.5 points and 8.2 rebounds per game. O’Neal averaged 27.5 points and 11.1 rebounds but was the backup to Yao.

Every year fans neglect a few of the rising stars in the NBA to vote for veterans who are in the declining stages of their career. For players like Damian Lillard, Stephen Curry and John Wall, they will need to hope that some of these veterans get less support for them to make their first All-Star Game.

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5. Derrick Rose

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After 18 months of anticipation, Derrick Rose returned to the Chicago Bulls and to the All-Star ballot. He hurt his knee again and will sit out the remainder of the season, but the fact that he is on the ballot could be enough to get him in. There is a lack of star power at the guard position in the East, but it would make the process a complete joke if he got in. I think the fans have enough common sense to not vote for him, but he is currently third amongst guards.

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4. Tony Parker

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Tony Parker is having a down season based on his last couple years. That being said, he is still averaging 17.7 points and 6.2 assists per game which is worthy of consideration. With Chris Paul and Russell Westbrook out, the point guard position in the West is wide open. Stephen Curry is a lock to get in, and young players like Ty Lawson and Damian Lillard are more deserving than Parker this year.

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3. Roy Hibbert

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In the Eastern Conference, the center position has been lacking star power since Dwight Howard went West. With Brook Lopez and Al Horford done for the season, it looks like they will be starting three small forwards in the game. That leaves two spots for backup centers, and with Indiana having the best record in the East, Hibbert may get in. Other than Paul George, there is no other Pacer that is really deserving, including Hibbert. Chris Bosh, Andre Drummond and Joakim Noah are all having better seasons, and so is Al Jefferson who is a dark horse to get in.

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2. Tim Duncan

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It is difficult to not include the best power forward of all time in the All-Star Game. He is still a very productive player averaging 14.5 points and 9.8 rebounds per game. However, Blake Griffin, LaMarcus Aldridge, Kevin Love, Nikola Pekovic, DeMarcus Cousins, Dwight Howard, Dirk Nowitzki and David Lee are all big men in the West that are having better seasons.

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1. Kobe Bryant

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Even though he has only played six games this season, Kobe Bryant is leading all Western Conference guards in All-Star voting. In those six games, he averaged only 13.8 points per game and shot only 42 percent from the field. In a recent interview he said that he doesn't want fans to vote for him, yet they continue to do so and it looks like he will be an undeserving All-Star in 2014.