Miami Heat: Big Three Era Is Inching Closer To the End

By Brian Anderson
Brad Penner-USA TODAY Sports

It was two years ago when the Miami Heat won their first NBA Championship and it has been two years since I think they were the best team in the league. Although, they did manage to win the title a year ago, after the San Antonio Spurs let Game 6 slip through their hands in dramatic fashion. That was to be the curtain call on the Big Three era in Miami, but Ray Allen‘s magical three-pointer proved to be a pivotal point in the Heat’s rise as champions. Their win only put a hold on a destiny that this team would not be able to shake off with any miracle shot.

Sitting at 27-9 and only 11-6 on the road thus far, age continues to eat away at Dwyane Wade‘s abilities and injuries have put a damper on a down year for the three-time NBA champion. The Heat are slipping while LeBron James‘ skill continue to blossom. The man and the team are headed in two different directions; even if James himself fails to realize it. Chris Bosh is a solid peace to the puzzle, but the bigger picture has become smaller for other teams in the NBA.

The Indiana Pacers, Oklahoma City Thunder and Portland Trail Blazers are better teams than Miami this season. These three teams will be healthy at the end of the year, while Wade continues to sit out games and struggle to rekindle that old flame that burned bright during his first title reign.  The light is flicking off and on in Miami, and I do not think there is an easy answer to its problems.

A recent loss to the New York Knicks, who sit at 13-22 on the year, showed just how vulnerable the Heat could be. They were completely caught off guard by a team that was simply hungrier than they were. This will prove to be a reoccurring issue as the year rolls on, trust me.

James’ numbers have been down all around this year, except for his field goal percentage. He is set to finish with a career-high in shooting percentages, but his points per game, assists and rebounds have taken a slight dip. If that is not an issue, than I do not know what is. To make matters even worse, your supporting cast aren’t their usual selves either. Meanwhile, the Pacers are No. 1 in the Eastern Conference and will most likely be there when the playoffs begin. In addition, the Thunder, Spurs and Trail Blazers may all have home-court advantage over you if you even make it to the NBA Finals.

Everyone loves to hear a bolt prediction, so I have one of my own — the Heat will not make it to the championship round this year, and James will slide out of town because he knows the ship is sinking and there is no life preserves on board.  If this becomes true, then I will not say I told you so, because I know how hard it is to let go of your basketball hopes and dreams. We all have to move on eventually. Even if some will see it as turning your back, you can only reach for what is best for your career as a player and life as a human being.

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