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Position Grades For Brooklyn Nets Through Week 8

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The Grades Are In

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The Brooklyn Nets are having a marvelous run since the beginning of 2014. A four-game winning streak with quality wins over the Oklahoma City Thunder and Golden State Warriors have the Nets feeling on top of the world.

Deron Williams' injury has not slowed the Nets down as they have continued to roll during the week. Brook Lopez has to be watching his team and feeling down, because they are rolling now and he is not a part of the team's current success. Jason Kidd's new rotation and tie-less superstitions have the Nets playing their best basketball of the season.

The defense is much improved as Kevin Garnett has decided to focus on the defensive end and leave the offensive side of the game to the rest of the team. Joe Johnson has stepped up and become what the Nets have been missing all season -- a leader. The bench has been complete for the last week with the return of Andrei Kirilenko and Jason Terry.

The offense has been running more smoothly with better ball movement which produces better situations for the Nets' shooters. Kidd has done a remarkable job in the last few weeks even with their record still not reaching the .500 level. They have never given up on the season or each other, and for that they are in position to make a run for the playoffs as they currently hold the No. 8 seed in the Eastern Conference.

Here are my position grades for the Brooklyn Nets through Week 8.

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5. Point Guards

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Deron Williams has been dealing with re-occurring ankle problems this week and has been resting.

Shaun Livingston has stepped up in the absence of Williams and at the same time made Tyshawn Taylor expendable.

Tyshawn Taylor has been reduced to a bench warmer

Grade C

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4. Shooting Guards

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Joe Johnson has emerged as the leader of the Nets with their two All-Star players often on the injury list. His shooting and late game heroics have earned him praise and respect amongst his teammates.

Jason Terry is not back at full speed since returning from injury, but he has provided a few minutes and will be needed more down the stretch.

Grade A

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3. Small Forwards

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Alan Anderson is back in the starting lineup and has been playing great basketball over the last week.

Andrei Kirilenko has returned and so has the production of the bench.

Tornike Shengelia is not a main factor for this team.

Grade B

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2. Power Forwards

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Paul Pierce has done a steady job as his hand heals, but even with such problems he has produced while playing out of position as a power forward.

Mirza Teletovic's minutes have been inconsistent due to the great results of the small-ball lineup. Jason Kidd still needs to find a way to get him more minutes because he is a valuable asset off the bench.

Reggie Evans' role has diminished over the last few weeks, and I won’t be surprised if he is traded real soon.

Grade B

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1. Centers

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Kevin Garnett has been playing inspired basketball as he seems to have found his second-wind since becoming the starting center.

Andray Blatche should be the starting center, but offense is needed for the second unit at that position.

Mason Plumlee is still the Energizer Bunny off the bench, but small-ball has ripped into his minutes.

Grade B