San Antonio Spurs Are At Their Best With Rest

By winstonharris
Boris Diaw, Tim Duncan and Tony Parker
Soobum Im-USA TODAY Sports

With a current record of 28-8, the San Antonio Spurs have quietly positioned themselves atop the Western Conference once again. It may come as a surprise to some that the Spurs are doing so well since they are viewed in the media as “washed up” and “past their prime.” However they are viewed, the Spurs’ continued success can be linked to good old rest and relaxation.

The Spurs have three days off until they have to match up with the youthful Minnesota Timerberwolves on Sunday night, and rest will be just what they need to sustain their grip on the west. In 19 games played with only one day of rest in between games, the Spurs are 14-5 with an average of 102.1 points per game. And with just another day’s rest, the Spurs are putting up an impressive 110 points per game in four wins.

An average roster age of 30 has the Spurs knocking on father time’s door, and with an 82-game regular season, Gregg Popovich must find some extra time off for his high-minute guys. Pop has been known to rest players by sitting them out of regular season games such as last season when the NBA fined Popovich for sitting Manu Ginobili, Tim Duncan, Tony Parker and Danny Green from a run in with the Miami Heat. The terms of the fine consisted of no legitimate reason for sitting players out and no prior notification of the action from the Spurs organization. It may have been unfair to the fans that paid to see the game, but they probably weren’t to upset about the strategy allowing the rested Spurs to make it to the 2012-13 NBA Finals.

Whether or not the Spurs are as old as people think they are, winning is timeless, and they have continued to prove that this season.

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