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5 Reasons Why the Miami Heat Aren’t For Real in 2014

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Five Reasons Why Heat Won't Three-Peat

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The Miami Heat are coming off three straight appearances in the NBA Finals, and they want to get a fourth one this season that hopefully ends with a third consecutive title.

They surely have enough weapons on paper to do so as they have the best player in the world in LeBron James and two proven superstars in Chris Bosh and Dwyane Wade.

After them, however, things don’t look as good as they did over the past two seasons, and that could end up being the reason why the Heat won’t be able to meet expectations this year.

Sure, they have cruised their way so far to second place in the Eastern Conference, but they have struggled against good teams. They already lost to the New York Knicks, the Brooklyn Nets and the Indiana Pacers – their biggest rival in the East this year – and due to some little details that need Erik Spoelstra’s attention sooner rather than later, the Heat might not make it to the Finals this season.

The team is clearly built to compete, but in order for that to happen, stars and role players need to produce on a consistent basis. Until that happens, the Heat won’t make it this season and won’t be able to three-peat.

Having said that, things could change between now and the end of the regular season. But as of this moment, the future doesn’t look that bright for the Heat. Here are five reasons why the team won’t be able to meet the expectations at the end of the season.

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5. LeBron Can't Do It All

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Granted, LeBron James is the best player on the NBA and he might lead the Heat to another deep playoff run on his own, but he should have some players that can back him up when he has off nights or when he’s not lighting it up on the offensive side of the ball. That hasn’t happened yet.

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4. Supporting Cast Not Producing

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The supporting cast of the Heat was a key component in recent years, but it seems like things have changed this season. Shane Battier is missing time with injuries, Mike Miller is gone and Ray Allen isn’t the same player he was just last year. That could doom the Heat’s chances if the Big Three aren’t having a good day.

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3. Lack Of A Real PG

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LeBron operates as the main scorer and main facilitator of the team, and even though Norris Cole and Mario Chalmers see significant minutes, the Heat lack a real floor general to manage the offense. One would give James the ability to solely concentrate on scoring.

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2. No Presence Inside

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The Heat don’t have a real presence inside, and that could be a tough thing to deal with against more physical teams. Bosh isn’t a true center, Chris Andersen only sees limited minutes and the team as a unit is one of the worst in the NBA when it comes to play near the rim.

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1. Bad Rebounding Team

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The Heat are one of the worst rebounding teams in the league, and against physical teams like the Houston Rockets or the Indiana Pacers, that will be a trouble. Unless Miami can solve that deficiency near the rim on both sides of the court, they will have a tough time in crunch time this season.