5 Reasons Why the San Antonio Spurs Aren’t For Real in 2014

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Five Reasons Why Spurs Won't Reach Expectations

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Whenever there’s a conversation about the best teams in the league, the San Antonio Spurs are never mentioned.

One of the most underrated teams in the NBA history, the squad led by Gregg Popovich is not a flashy team. Instead they just decide to get the job done, and apparently that has worked for them, winning four titles in the last 15 years and showing a level of consistency that hasn’t been matched by any other team.

Things could be different this year, though, as it seems like the Spurs aren’t the same team they were last season. They could be headed for an early playoff exit if they don’t change some things sooner rather than later.

Whether it's because of regression of some players, health concerns – something that is always key with the Spurs – or just a lack of effort on either side of the court, the truth is that it appears the Spurs have legitimate concerns for this season. Their offensive scheme isn’t as effective as it was last season, and their defensive performance has also fallen short of the expectations so far, especially against top teams.

There is still time to turn things around, but unless the Spurs make a move soon this season won’t be what many fans expect. After being so close to win a fifth ring last season, San Antonio was expected to fight for the title again. But if their season to date can be used as an indication, that might not happen this year.

Without further ado, please join me through this slideshow as we check five reasons why the Spurs aren’t for real this season.

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5. Core Is One Year Older

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Age is not on the Spurs’ side, and with Tim Duncan, Manu Ginobili and Tony Parker all getting one year older, the team could feel that in the playoffs. This might be last chance they have to make a title run, and that could add some extra pressure in crunch time.

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4. Bad Record Against Top Teams

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The Spurs have lost all their games against teams like the Indiana Pacers, the Houston Rockets and the Oklahoma City Thunder, all squads that should challenge them for the title. Unless the Spurs can figure out a way to beat the good teams in the NBA, their playoff run could be shorter than expected.

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3. Danny Green's Regression

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Danny Green has gone from being a legit threat to become solely a “one-trick pony” that lost his place in the starting lineup. The Spurs need him to contend, and Green needs to get back to the form he had last year if the Spurs want to have a chance to succeed.

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2. Defensive Problems

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The Spurs have legitimate concerns on both sides of the ball, but the defense is the one that should be causing Gregg Popovich more problems. The team can score in bunches, but the defense hasn’t been as solid as it was in recent years. And against good shooting teams like the Golden State Warriors, the Oklahoma City Thunder or the Miami Heat, that could be a huge trouble.

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1. Health

Soobum Im - USA TODAY Sports

The three core players have all missed time this season due to injuries, and Tiago Splitter is also currently sidelined. For an aging team like the Spurs, health is key, and unless they can solve those issues they won’t go far as bodies will feel the effort come playoff time.

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