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5 Reasons Why This is the Worst Los Angeles Lakers Team of All Time

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5 Reasons Why the 2013-14 Los Angeles Lakers is the Worst of All Time

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The Los Angeles Clippers just gave the Los Angeles Lakers one of their worst defeats in franchise history, and I’m truly not at all surprised. Anyone who has witnessed the Lakers play this season likely ended up putting their head down and shaking it while thinking “what in the world am I watching?” That’s been the case for me the majority of the season, and it’s been sickening.

I get the idea that the Lakers are trying to save money for upcoming free agency where they hope to bring in talented superstars to play alongside Kobe Bryant in hopes of helping Kobe win his sixth ring as well as winning a championship for themselves. However, while the Lakers’ organization was so willing to throw the towel in on the current season before it even started, by doing so they’re also crapping on the Lakers’ past history.

The Black Mamba busted his butt to get back on the court to try and help the Lakers at least make the postseason. Well, not only did the team struggle upon his return, but Kobe found himself back on the injury list not too long following his return from his Achilles tear. It certainly wasn’t the grand return Bryant was expecting.

There’s no question that Los Angeles made a huge mistake bringing in Mike D’Antoni to be head coach of the Lakers. When you’re a head coach, you need to be able to get the best out of your players. The fact that D’Antoni isn’t even able to get along with Pau Gasol or structure his offense to the point that Gasol can use all of his fundamentals to help the Lakers shows the lack of head coaching talent D’Antoni has.

This very well could be the worst Lakers’ team of all time, and here are five reasons why that’s the case.

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5. Age

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It was expected that age would play a huge part in the downfall of the Lakers this season, and that has certainly been the case. Kobe Bryant, Pau Gasol and Steve Nash are the Lakers' three best players on paper. Sadly, their ages are 35, 33, and 39 respectively. Getting some youth in L.A. is a must moving forward.

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4. Injuries

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The Lakers weren't projected to be that great this season even if they were healthy. The fact that they're not healthy makes them look even worse than they are. Kobe Bryant and Steve Nash have missed more games than they have been able to play. Regardless of when these two can finally get back on the court, it's going to be a little too late for the Lakers.

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3. Lack of Talent

Lack of Talent
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Plain and simple, the Lakers aren't that talented. The fact that Robert Sacre is a key member to the Lakers' rotation shows just how important getting talent back in L.A. is for the Lakers' future.

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2. Mike D'Antoni

Mike D'Antoni
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If the Lakers' front office could go back in time, they would certainly rehire Phil Jackson rather than take a gamble on Mike D'Antoni. Let's put it this way; the hire of D'Antoni will go down in Lakers' history as one of the biggest head coach hiring busts the front office ever made.

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1. Waiting for 2014 Free Agency

Waiting for 2014 Free Agency
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In the long run, should we actually be surprised that this could be the worst Lakers team in history? After all, L.A.'s front office hasn't hid the secret that they plan on going after key free agents starting in 2014. Here's the bad part; what if the Lakers don't get the likes of LeBron James or Carmelo Anthony? Then what? The Lakers better have a foolproof plan moving forward or else this won't be the last time we are discussing the worst possible Lakers team in their history.