Brooklyn Nets Winners Of 5 Straight, But Success Won't Last Much Longer

By Devin O'Barr
Kevin Garnett
Joe Camporeale – USA TODAY Sports

The Brooklyn Nets have handled adversity very well as of late.

It seems that the Nets have been on a solid incline ever since Jason Kidd fired assistant coach Lawrence Frank. In addition, Brooklyn has shown a ton of resiliency over the past two weeks as the loss of Brook Lopez hasn’t crippled this team like most though it would. However, the Nets’ demise is coming and it’s just a matter of time before Kidd’s squad slips straigh out of the playoffs.

Sure, a five-game winning streak sounds nice on paper, but there’s no way this misfit Nets team is a contender. Kevin Garnett, Paul Pierce and Joe Johnson would have been great pieces to have three or four years ago, but the 2014 edition of these players is hardly anything to write home about. Besides, who’s to say that at least one member of the aforementioned trio doesn’t suffer a massive injury?

These 30-somethings are all playing heavy minutes as of late, which means it’s inevitable that the Nets will be nailed with yet another injury. So while folks in Brooklyn are busy throwing a parade for the Nets beating the Miami Heat, let’s not forget just how banged up this team really is. Deron Williams has also been milking a bad ankle as of late, so I fully expect Kidd’s bunch to take another nosedive and plunge down to the 9th or 10th seed of the Eastern Conference before all is said and done.

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