LeBron James Cements Himself as Hypocritical Diva After Foul by Mirza Teletovic

By Ryan Heckman
Joe Camporeale-USA TODAY Sports

Friday night, the Miami Heat and Brooklyn Nets got together to play a little basketball. On a night where each player received the laughable privilege to wear their nickname on the back of their jersey, the biggest nickname of all took a tumble down the road of a stuck up, self-centered pop princess.

LeBron James took a full head of steam down the court in the fourth quarter and before he could slam it home, Nets big man Mirza Teletovic caught him with what would be called a flagrant-one after review. Teletovic wrapped his arm around James’ neck as he was headed up for a basket.

It really does sound much worse than it turned out to be. Teletovic didn’t squeeze, hold or choke James. He was just trying to prevent him from attempting a shot. The foul didn’t last longer than half a second, but here’s the interesting thing — James exploded with some words for Teletovic as teammates had to hold him back from a potential confrontation.

Another interesting tidbit?

Oh, yes. I forgot to mention that James — prior to the foul with Teletovic — had shoved Nets forward Andrei Kirilenko on his way past mid court, but there was no foul originally called. Of course, there was absolutely zero remorse from James because, well, he’s LeBron James and every call on the court should go his way, right?

James didn’t even look like he cared if millions saw what he was doing to Kirilenko — he just blatantly threw his arm in Kirilenko’s direction to shove him out of the way. But, when it’s time for another player to make contact with him, oh he will let you have it.

Let’s be honest, here. The NBA is full of a lot of guys that love to complain. It’s become a pretty soft league. Many players will beg for calls, raise their arms in disbelief and whine and complain because they don’t get every whistle they think they deserve. But, the problem here is that James does this on a consistent basis.

“King James,” as his jersey read tonight, is the biggest culprit of them all. I am absolutely convinced that if a defender simply breathed in his general direction, James — in his mind — believes there should be a foul called. He’s ignorant, self-centered and by far the biggest diva in all of basketball. It is just that simple.

Case closed.

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