Paul George is a Superstar, But Would Be Wise Not to Act Like One

By Mathew Muncy
Brian Spurlock-USA TODAY Sports

It’s safe to say Paul George has become the newest superstar in the NBA. Last season gave everyone a glimpse of what could be, and despite playing in a team-first environment, George has put up superstar numbers this year. But at the same time, he’s also begun to show that superstar attitude which is something the Indiana Pacers don’t need.

Flopping, complaining and pouting have all been added to George’s arsenal this season. While he’s become a more complete player as well, the attitude changes have become more noticeable at the same time.

Pacers’ fans love to give LeBron James and the Miami Heat a hard time for their flopping tactics and constant complaining to the referees. Being the “anti-Heat” has been the Pacers unspoken motto the past couple years, but George’s antics are pushing the teams closer together.

George’s attitude has also given Lance Stephenson the green light to act out more than usual. Stephenson’s temper is well documented and appeared to be under control, likely thanks to the veterans, but with George complaining more, Stephenson’s temper has become more prevalent during games.

In the long run, George’s superstar attitude won’t define his career, but it will hurt him with Indiana fans. No one wants to watch a player complain non-stop and blatantly flop around and that’s the path George is heading down. It’s time for Larry Bird and coach Frank Vogel to sit him down and explain the attitude needs to change going forward.

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