5 Reasons Why the Indiana Pacers Aren’t For Real in 2014

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5 Reasons The Indiana Pacers Aren't For Real

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The Indiana Pacers are a good team and have been playing well all season, that's a fact. They have time to improve and get themselves ready for a playoff run, but nobody in their right mind should be picking them to win the NBA Championship this season. They aren’t built to win it all this year, and unless they make some drastic changes and improve their team, they will get bounced from the playoffs yet again. Simply stated, the Indiana Pacers aren’t for real in 2014!

The Pacers have talent; they certainly have some good players on the roster. Frank Vogel, the head coach, is a great coach and has done extraordinary with the tools he has been given in Indiana. The Pacers organization is a proud bunch and the city loves their basketball team. They just don’t quite have enough to be the team come playoff time.

It’s no secret that the Miami Heat is the powerhouse team that stands in the way of the Pacers and their goal of winning the NBA Championship. But the obstacle that is the Miami Heat is not the only reason this team’s not for real in 2014. There are other obstacles which will trip up, hinder, and straight up derail this team’s dream of being the top dog in the NBA. Some of these factors are completely outside of Indiana’s control and like they say, sometimes life just isn’t fair. But the Pacers could have and should have made roster moves this past offseason to give themselves the best chance to make the playoffs and contend for the title. They should have done more to enhance their chances to compete.

Without further ado, the five biggest reasons the Indiana Pacers aren’t for real in 2014 and come playoff time, will be bounced from the playoffs again without winning it all. Take a look!

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5. Danny Granger’s Injury Woes

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Lately, Danny Granger is injury prone, that much is blatantly obvious. He missed the majority of last season and has gotten off to a turtle-like start to this year with another injury. He was held out most of the preseason so he’d be ready to play this year, however, that didn’t work out and he’s still not back to 100 percent. He is not the dominant player he is capable of being and the Pacers need him back to All-Star level now. They have played well without him, no doubt, but to win down the stretch and be effective in the playoffs, you have to have all your stars playing like stars. His injuries and slow return from them will linger all season and contribute to the fact that the Pacers aren’t for real this year.

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4. Lack Of Roster Depth

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The Pacers are not a very deep team. Their roster falls off productivity-wise pretty much immediately after the starters. Yes, Lance Stephenson is a good role player and most people have at least heard of Luis Scola, but the good teams have guys on their bench who could start on other teams. They chose to go to a team like Miami and come off the bench because they know they will compete for a championship every year. But after the starting five, Stephenson is really your only other threat to take over a game. C.J. Watson is nothing special, so don’t even mention him. This Pacers team is top heavy and productivity not only slows after the top six players on their team, it ends! If they’re able to win in the regular season without a bench consisting of at least a few serviceable players on it, good for them. However, as a whole, the team is not for real in 2014.

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3. Lack Of Competition In The Central

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Take a quick look at who Indiana is matched up with in the Central. Yes, there’s nothing there. Seeing as how Derek Rose got hurt again this year, the division is already won by the Pacers. His injury also adds a handful of cheap wins to bolster that already impressive record they currently hold. The problem is that their record is inflated; it’s not an accurate representation of their play. When you play the Cleveland Cavaliers, Milwaukee Bucks, Detroit Pistons and the Derrick Rose-less Chicago Bulls, you’re going to rack up a lot of wins. But you can’t lie to yourself and think that because they currently have the most wins in the NBA that they are actually the best team.

Indiana will end the season with a great record on paper; they may even win 70 games. But they won’t play in too many meaningful games, which will prepare them for playoff basketball. When you get used to winning all the time, you forget how to play through adversity and this will bite them when they go down 0-1 to the Heat in the playoffs. You play how you practice and when you play against poor competition for an entire season, it will show in the playoffs. Again, this isn’t their fault, but it’s still going to contribute to why they aren’t for real this year.

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2. Paul George Can’t Do It All

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Paul George is the savior for this team. He will try,but he can’t do it all. He may be the most valuable player to his particular team in any other situation other than basketball right now. Without him, the Pacers are barely .500 and quite possibly in last place in the East. He is the heart and soul of his team, but unfortunately for him, you need help in the NBA. Maybe he will be okay in the regular season, but come playoff time, you need other guys to step up.

This Pacers team doesn’t have a “Big 3” like so many other championship caliber teams have. You could argue they only have a “Big 1,” and that’s just not enough; it won’t cut it and they won’t win an NBA Championship with just George. What will they do when LeBron James takes him out of the game in the playoffs and the load falls on the rest of the team to score points and win the game? They get swept and bounced from the playoffs faster than Lance Stephenson and go get another tattoo. Seriously, he must have his own personal tattoo artist available to him whenever he thinks up some new ink. Anyways, even though George is one heck of a player, the NBA is still mostly a team sport and he needs help before this team can be for real.

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1. Can’t Beat The Heat

James Gang
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Come 2014 playoff time, it’s going to be déjà vu in Pacer country. For another season, the Pacers will not find a way to beat the Heat and make it to the NBA Championship. For all the reasons already mentioned, the Pacers will yet again be knocked out by King James and his posse. It’s a shame that the Pacers are in the East and in the shadow of the Heat’s dominant reign. It’s a shame that this group of guys is playing during the King James era. They are a good team and could at least have a chance if they could only get to the big dance, but James and his henchmen have been in their way the last few seasons and will be again this year.

Even with home court “advantage,” the Pacers can’t beat the Heat and win the East. James owns the Pacers and owns the East. Until he leaves the East or retires, the Pacers will be road blocked each and every year. Sure, they have proven they can beat them a few times, but the Pacers, or any team lately, haven't been able to beat the Heat in a seven game series. They are too good and too loaded with talent for that to happen. So, even if the Pacers improve all four of the other points in this article, it will all be for nothing. The Heat still stand in the way of their title aspirations.

Quite frankly, the Pacers aren’t for real in 2014 because the Miami Heat won’t let them be!

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  • Joe

    This has to be the worst article I’ve ever read.

    5) Granger is a bench player, I highly doubt losing a bench player is going to kill our season, especially when we were within ONE game of reaching the Finals withOUT him.
    4) We were one game away with a terrible bench, this year it’s 14th in efficiency, not sure how it’s a bad thing.
    3) So you say the Pacers have no competition within their division, yet the Heat don’t have any either. In fact, Miami’s has been the worst in the last 2 seasons.
    2) Ever heard of Hibbert, West, or Stephenson? George isn’t relied on as much as LeBron, Durant, Paul, or Curry…
    1) Can’t beat the Heat? Really, so you’ve got no reasons or facts behind that statement?

    You better go and quit your job, and try something else, you are the definition of an attention-seeking moron. Pacers aren’t for real? HAHAHAHAHAHAHA

    • Patrick Amburgey

      100% guarantee he has not watched a single game that wasn’t against the Heat. What a clown shoe….

      • Dave Galleher

        What’s basketball?

    • Steven

      I’ll take the heat. See ya.

      • Dave Galleher

        All I was saying. But that makes you a Heat fan to these angry Pacers people. Watch out!

    • Bobby II

      Dude, that game they got blew out by Miami. Indiana will give Miami trouble just like Pitons give MJ and the Bulls trouble but they never beat them. Three out of those four wins for the Heat; the heat won by 15 or more. They still don’t have a point at all not even an Okay one, George Hill is a shooting that’s what he wants to be. They only have two guys on the bench. However, Battier can stick it out with Ganger and UD can stop Luis, if they had one more weapon on the bench or had resign D.J. or Collion when he became a free agency this summer. They would at least had a point guard and another bench weapon, so they still one or two more pieces away from being a championship level team. Also, James is in his prime like MJ was so its going take a lot to knock him off his troll. This Miami team is dangerous and built to win for a few more years. Indiana will give them many problems because of there starting bigs. Paul George probably won’t be a factor till late 3rd quarter. Plus, there’s only three teams playing chess: Chicago, Miami, and San Antonio all the rest are playing checkers and are not real contenders. OKC great regular season team and could come out the west but not winning it all playing checkers and with Durant have no post game and not able to shut someone down. Just my analysis.

      • Dave Galleher

        Bobby II gets it. The point of this article was yes the Pacers are good but don’t have what it takes to win it all. And in today’s game win it all = beat the Heat.

    • Dave Galleher

      I understand you’re an angry Pacers fan. Rant Sports focuses on articles that fire people up. Point: Me. I’d love for the Heat to get knocked out but the point is it’s not going to happen, via this Pacers team. This isn’t a job but yes calling me a moron does hurt my feelings. Let’s ignore the rest of your gibberish and focus on point #1. No facts to support this? How about the last few seasons when the Heat knocked them from the playoffs. I rest my case, your honor.

  • Josh

    is this author for real?

    • Steven

      I’ll take the heat. Cya in May.

    • Dave Galleher

      Very real. The internet is real too. As well as this article you read. Rant.

  • Anthony Price

    This article is terrible…whoever the author is must be a miami heat fan. Clearly has no basketball knowledge.

    • Dave Galleher

      Negative. Not a Heat fan by any means. Just a writer who wrote an article why the Pacers don’t have what it takes this year. If you think the Heat don’t act as a barrier in the East then you’re blinded by your own fanhood.

  • chris

    This guy can not be a professional! Any avid b-ball fan knows the Pacers are the only team who can take out the Heat! They have more regular season wins over the Heat in the last three years than any other team! Granger is only going to get better and will be a huge playoff factor. They have the best put together team in the NBA with one of the best coaches in the NBA!!!! George is top five for his position and you could aurgue that West, Hibbert, and Lance (More doubles than most) arw also top five for therw position. I want this guys job, he is a idiot.

    • Steven

      I’ll take the heat. See ya in May.

      • chris

        Yes, see you in May! Hope it is different this year!!!

    • Dave Galleher

      That’s all fine and dandy but what is the ultimate outcome? The Heat are back to back champs and the Pacers aren’t. It should be he is AN idiot. And here at rant sports we’d love to have you. Apply at the bottom of the page!

      • Dick

        That’s funny, Dave; why don’t you correct the grammar mistakes of those who agree with your article? These comments are drastically more entertaining and accurate than your article. No offense, just saying.

      • chris

        Your article title is just too strong! The pacers are not real but by your own words they are atleast second best? If thats the case how are they not for real. You have no stats to back your words except the heat are two time champs, Wow compelling. Lol hows’ about Pacers are first in the power rankings with the best record in the Nba!!! They also have the best home record with one loss!! Home field advantage in the playoffs would be huge since the last game 7 road playoff win dor the heat would be before Lebrons time in Miami. Pacers defence is far superior to the heat. They have all ready held 10 opponents under 80 points 2nd team this year to do this. Pacers are 5th in free throw %, heat 16th. Pacers 10 th in rebounds, miami ranks 20th. Blocks pacers rank 3rs, miami 20th!!!!!! The list goes on and on!!!!!! These are real numbers that represent the really, good oacers. Like I said before, any avid b- ball fan knows the Pacers are real this year. You should have done a article on the five reasons the Atlanta Braves have not been real the last decade!!!! That would sound better and has more truth to it. Lol!!!!!!

  • Will

    This David Galleher has ONE article on rantsports! I do not think a job that he does not know what he is doing is a job for him!

    • Dave Galleher

      This David Galleher actually has TWENTY some articles on rant sports. But hey who’s counting. It’s not a job but every time you read we do get paid so keep on going Willy.

  • mikeyt7777

    What a joke. Better than Comedy Central. Heat homer full of fear and fake bravado, secretly shivering and shuddering while he’s whistling past the graveyard. Here’s why:
    5. Granger’s knee and calf are fine. Pacers wisely brought him along slowly this year. Now, gradually, he’s rounding into shape, getting better with each week. He’s already a major asset, and increasingly showing glimpses of what’s to come. By playoff time, he’ll be ready.
    4. Bench is talented and deep, anchored by Granger, a former All-Star, and Scola, a starter last year. Pacers typically keep a third starter (P.G. or Lance) in as well. Mahimi and C.J. are capable backups. How good is this bench? Chris Copeland, who played a major role in Knicks playoff run last year, now can hardly get on the floor.
    3. Lack of competition in Central, and Eastern Conference, will only help ensure Pacers reach their goal of home court advantage throughout the playoffs. Footnote: the author’s idea that the Pacers might be good enough to win 70 games, but still would have no reasonable chance of winning a title, is just silly.
    2. Paul George can’t do it all. But he won’t have to. Pacers philosophy is the Indiana way — the team is first. We’re a democracy, not a monarchy. No “King” on this club.
    1. At this writing, Pacers lead Heat by two games. In head-to-head games, Pacers thumped Heat at Conseco this year, and were beating them handily in Miami before they melted down in the fourth quarter and handed Miami yet another gift. But the Heat can’t continue simply to hope and wish and pray that the Pacers keep giving games away. Against Indiana, Heat would face an opponent that’s younger, bigger, stronger, healthier, hungrier, and more talented, one through twelve–and, unlike lesser teams, definitely not intimidated by King James and his court. If the two teams meet in the ECF–and it’s hard to imagine they won’t–I’ll be looking forward to a very tough, competitive series. And the Heat might even win. But to make that happen, they will need a massive, super-heroic, Jordanesque effort from James, with LOTS of help from the rest of the roster–not just cause they, or their fans, say so.

    • Dave Galleher

      Isn’t that what happened last year? A huge effort from James and the rest of the team proved better than the rest of the Pacers? I’m not a Heat fan. I just remember how it goes in the playoffs when these two meet. Never been compared to Comedy Central, thanks!

      • Patrick Amburgey

        But here’s the thing, this isn’t last years Pacer team. They are marginally better in every aspect. The Heat added Beasley and Oden….WOW. What difference makers. den won’t even touch the floor. He has no cartilage in his knees.

        They still won’t have an answer for Roy, and now our bench, the main reason we lost the last two years, is 100% improved. That’s why you are a clownshoe sir.

        The Heat are not the best defensive team in the league, the Pacers are. Granger isn’t injury prone, and still may be moved prior to the season ending by Larry Bird’s account, so you can’t even say this is the final product. The Heat have been in THE WORST Division the last three years and it hasn’t mattered, so tell me again how they aren’t playing competition? The Pacers are a Team of great-to-good players whereas the Heat are Great players that are on a team. There is a difference, and I firmly believe this year is the year it catches up to them.

  • Filazafer

    Nice article, Heat fan. What a waste of time.

    • Dave Galleher

      Nice response, Pacer fan. What a waste of time. Just because someone criticizes your team doesn’t mean they are a Heat fan. Strictly the facts.

  • Anthony Price

    Obviously the heat are a barrier until someone knocks them out. But anyone who has watched any basketball this season knows the pacers are a legitimate threat in the east. Yes theyve lost to the heat the past 2 years in the playoffs but things change and this year is as good as any for the heat to lose.