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5 Ways the Chicago Bulls should rebuild

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5 Ways the Bulls should Rebuild

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The Chicago Bulls are slowly drifting into oblivion and are currently in the black hole that is the eastern conference standings. The Eastern conference is utter chaos this season and getting a win is starting to hurt teams rather than helping them. Many teams were planning to tank this season to get one of the young phenoms in the draft this summer, but nobody could have foreseen this shakeup in the plans. There are only four teams in the eastern conference that are over .500, and that has some teams worried that their respective teams might not be playing bad enough. The Bulls currently sit fifth in the conference, and a depleted squad has the organization at a crossroads. Do the Bulls tank the rest of the season and start to rebuild for the future,or does Chicago sit on the edge of mediocrity?

The front office of the Bulls proved they are not content as a middle-of-the-road team when a shocking trade came out of nowhere. The Bulls traded long-time asset Luol Deng to the Cleveland Cavaliers for Andrew Bynum, who was waived to create cap space for the Bulls. The trade was seen as waiving the white flag on this season and that notion was not well received by Bulls center Joakim Noah who was reluctant to speak to the media after the transaction had occured. The Deng trade was the first move of many to come in the near future, but what will be next on the Bulls agenda?

Chicago is one of the most recognized basketball franchises around the world and has never been content with mediocrity, but enduring a season or two at the bottom of the standings and a few calculated moves will have the Bulls back in dynastic form. The Bulls do not realistically have a shot at a championship in the foreseeable future, so why should the organization enable the fanbase to continue with their delusions of grandeur? The Bulls tanking this season is just the first step in what could be a long process in returning this once great franchise to relevancy among championship contenders.

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5. Luol Deng Trade

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The Chicago Bulls have already taken the first step in the rebuilding process by demolishing the current infrastructure in place at the organization. Trading Luol Deng was the first step in the rebuilding process, even though there has been a minor setback since the Bulls have won three straight games since the Deng trade.

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4. Tank the Season

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The next step in the rebuilding process is to tank the rest of the season for a higher place in the coming NBA Draft. The Bulls need to plummet in the standings over the remainder of the season to position themselves at the bottom of the eastern conference to earn a lottery pick. One of the young phenoms in the upcoming draft would do wonders for the Bulls future and a position in the lottery is still easily attainable.

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3. Part with Noah and Boozer

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The Bulls need to trade Joakim Noah if the team is serious about the rebuilding process. Noah has been the cornerstone of the franchise for years, but then again so was Deng. Trading Noah would open up cap space for the team to sign a superstar in the upcoming off-seasons to pair with a young star the team gets in the draft. This move might seem erratic at first, but it will benefit the organization in the long run.

There has already been talk and it is almost a foregone conclusion that the team will amnesty Carlos Boozer. Boozer was the team's landmark signing in the offseason that featured some of the greatest players in the game, and that endeavor has proven futile over his stint with the team. Moving Noah and using the amnesty on Boozer will create cap space that allows the team to maximize moves in the future.

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2. Part with Thibodeau

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The Bulls need a fresh start and a fresh face on the bench. The Bulls need to part ways with coach Tom Thibodeau at the end of the season or possibly sooner. Thibodeau has proven to be a commodity in Chicago over the past few years, but he has never gotten the Bulls to the promised land. The team has been riddled with injuries over the years, but the inability to cope with these problems has presented the Bulls with a great challenge. Thibodeau has already been rumored as a head coach in other cities next season, and while this is only speculation right now the Bulls need to minimize distractions and maximize opportunities.

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1. What to do with Derrick Rose?

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The Bulls are in a sticky situation with the franchise's supestar Derrick Rose. Rose was once the new face of the NBA that countered the LeBron movement, but the once MVP of the league has become injury prone and has been relegated to nothing more than a glorified cheerleader. Rose is the face of the Bulls franchise and moving him would cause uproar in the streets of Chicago. Rose can either be the guy the Bulls build the future around, or the guy that brings back a king's ransom of talented pieces. There is a huge risk involved in both scenarios, and this poses the biggest question to Chicago's future.