Biggest Non-Factors For The Charlotte Bobcats So Far This Season

By danielcarney
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It has been a season of mixed results for the Charlotte Bobcats so far. We have seen breakout years become a reality, we have seen players’ seasons come to a saddening end due to injury, and then we have seen some Bobcats just plain out not contribute.

As 2014 gets underway, the Cats have fallen out of the top eight spots in the East and are showing how much of a problem their inconsistency truly is. With the trade deadline slowly approaching, various rumors have circulated around some of the Cats’ roster, and each of these players we provide today might have a chance at being dealt in February.

The only problem is that acquiring a solid piece may be a long shot due to all three seldom contributing. There are three players that have been the ultimate non-factors so far this season for the Cats.

The first of these non-factors is Jeff AdrienMany believed that this season was a year for Adrien to finally break loose and get some valuable minutes with the uncertain focus at the power forward position. As Josh McRoberts has swooped into the spotlight and the Cats are desperately looking to make rookie Cody Zeller a factor, it has left Adrien with literally no place to be.

The former UConn Husky has found it hard to make a name for himself, as he is currently receiving the second least minutes on the entire roster (11 minutes a game). The promise is truly there, but Steve Clifford is set on his top two PF’s and the 27-year-old big man is not one of those select two.

It will be hard to imagine the Cats securing any good pieces at the trade deadline for Adrien, because the offers really wont be anything special. In 19 games, he is averaging 2.6 points and 3.9 rebounds.

The second player on this list is Jannero Pargo. To be honest, not much was even expected out of the veteran point guard coming into this year. The presence of Kemba Walker and Ramon Sessions at the top of the depth chart would make it remotely impossible for Pargo to see any significant minutes unless someone was to be injured. What this ranking comes down to is that there seems to be no need for the 34-year-old veteran on this young, improving roster.

After talking with various Bobcats fans, many came to the conclusion that Pargo was simply, “A waste of a roster spot.” In reality, the third string point guard could really be a waste of space on the depth chart — securing a young, promising guard would be a better alternative. Even bringing up a rising talent from the D-League could be a better option than having him on the roster.

Through 38 games this season, the 13 year NBA vet has only played in eight matchups with an average of 4.3 minutes (lowest on the roster). Just release this guy already, Michael Jordan. Nobody will give a convincing enough trade

Finally, the biggest non-factor for the Bobcats this season is Ben Gordon. This one right here is a given. This deteriorating guard is receiving $13+ million, and  he still cant even manage to put six points on the board. Gordon simply defines the term “non-factor” better than anyone else in the NBA. It’s a shame that Bobcats fans have to see this guy taking millions of dollars to not even remotely care or contribute to the franchise.

Bobcats fans want him out, the NBA fan base as a whole could care less, and it is clear that Jordan probably wants him gone as well. As his contract expires at the end of this year, expect the Cats to actively try and shop the former sixth man of the year as hard as they can.

For a guy being paid more than $13 million, 5.4 points, 1.1 assists, and 1.5 rebounds in under 15 average minutes a game is just horrendous. It’s an absolute shame. Get him out of Charlotte, quick!

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