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5 Reasons Why the Milwaukee Bucks Are the Worst Team in the NBA

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Five Reasons Why Bucks Are Worst Team In The NBA

Kim Klement – USA TODAY Sports

There is little doubt that the Milwaukee Bucks are one of the worst teams in the NBA this season, and both the numbers and the way they play are factors for that.

The Bucks have little-to-no pieces to build the franchise around, and based on how the roster is constructed - and the way they have been playing all year long - it seems like they are determined to tank the year in order to get a high pick in the upcoming NBA Draft.

Nobody could blame them, though. The 2014 Draft class features lots of players that have perennial All-Star potential written all over them - headlined by Jabari Parker, Andrew Wiggins and Julius Randle - and the Bucks' sloppy play this year could easily make them the worst team in the whole league.

Whether the reasons to rank them that low are based on the personnel, the front office or even the attitude of the players - as sometimes the off-court issues can directly impact the way the team plays - remains to be seen and probably won't be discovered until the end of the season. One thing is certain: few teams play as badly as the Bucks this year.

Being historically bad in a conference that has been absolutely awful the last few years certainly doesn’t help their case either, but the reality is that there are several reasons to consider the Bucks as the worst team in the NBA.

Here are the top five reasons the Bucks being the NBA's worst team.

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5. No Core Pieces To Build Around

Russ Isabella – USA TODAY Sports

The management thought Larry Sanders was the man to build the team around and rewarded him with a big contract, but his repeated off-the-court issues and his bad play this year can certainly make the front office rethink that. The Bucks have no young players to build around, and that means there could still be bad for years to come if they can’t land a high draft pick.

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4. Lackluster Defensive Play

Howard Smith – USA TODAY Sports

Even though the Bucks have one of the most promising defenders in Larry Sanders – even though he hasn’t played up to his standards this year – and another potential good shot stopper in John Henson, the Bucks don’t have any other player that can either protect the rim or guard the perimeter. It’s just too easy to score on them, and that can only spell trouble further down the road.

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3. No Offensive Weapons

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Aside from Gary Neal, O.J. Mayo and rookie Giannis Antetokounmpo – two streaky shooters and an unproven player – the Bucks have no offensive players they can go to when the games are close. That lack of clutch will certainly doom them and sink them even further down the standings as the season advances.

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2. Absence Of Chemistry

Jeff Hanisch – USA TODAY Sports

The team doesn’t have chemistry on the court and it’s noticeable. There is no reliable PG – Brandon Knight hasn’t been able to lead the offense so far – and since both Mayo and Neal always prefer to do things “their own way," it seems like the whole team isn’t really on the same page.

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1. Win-Loss Record

Benny Sieu – USA TODAY Sports

The Milwaukee Bucks currently have the worst record in the NBA with only seven wins and 29 losses. They have been the weaker link in a historically bad Eastern Conference, and in the end that number is the main reason why they are considered the worst team in the league.